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45pc GoPro and Action Camera Accessory Kit

45pc GoPro and Action Camera Accessory Kit

45pc GoPro and Action Camera Accessory Kit
45pc GoPro and Action Camera Accessory Kit
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Get more out of your GoPro with these essential accessories!

Are you an adventurous soul who loves to capture and share your experiences with friends and family? If you own a GoPro or any kind of action camera, you know that the right accessories can make all the difference in capturing those epic moments. That's why we're excited to introduce our 45-piece accessory kit, designed to help you get the most out of your camera.

With a wide range of mounts, straps, and adapters, this kit is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their photography experience and take their footage to the next level. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out, this accessory kit has everything you need to capture your adventures like never before while on vacation or bike trail.

From chest and helmet mounts, a floatable bobber mount you'll find yourself more than prepared for capturing great footage above and below the water. It even includes some surprises like anti-fog inserts, and a selfie stick monopod.

Full contents include: Chest mounting strap, wrist strap with 360 degree rotation, handlebar mount, nonslip head and helmet strap, suction cup mount, floaty bobber mount, selfie stick monopod, 2 J-hook bases, 2 buckle clip mounts, tightening wrench, tightening screws, mini tripod, 2 additional safety tether lanyards, 12 anti-fog inserts, 2 curved adhesives, 2 flat adhesives, 2 curve mounts, 2 flat mounts, various pivoting arms, carrying case.

It all comes packed in a sturdy zippered case, with foam padding and plenty of room for your camera and even more gear. This makes a fantastic gift for anyone going on a getaway cruise, beach vacation, hiking trip, and more. With spring and summer, the kids are going to love taking photos and videos of playing outside on their bikes! Film while hunting, climbing, watersports, skiing, canoeing, and so much more.

Note: this is an accessory kit. It does not contain a camera of any kind, batteries, or the case to hold the camera. These universal pieces are compatible with almost all action cameras like GoPro Hero 4 and up, Gopro Hero Session, DJI Osmo Action Camera, SJCams, etc. and lesser known brands. We have EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK!


  • 45 Piece Essential Accessory Kit for GoPro and Action Cameras
  • Includes Multiple Mount Configurations
  • Use for Nearly All Outdoor Activities
  • Capture Great Footage and Snap the Perfect Photos
  • Great for Water Sports like Scuba Diving, Surfing, or Boating
  • Wide-Compatibility with Action Cameras and Cases
  • Use for Vacation Photos, Leisure Strolls, Extreme Sports, Driving, and More
  • Comes in Durable Zippered Case with Plenty of Room for Gear
  • Case Dimensions: 12in x 8in x 3in

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