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42 Inch Universal Selfie Stick

42 Inch Universal Selfie Stick

42 Inch Universal Selfie Stick
42 Inch Universal Selfie Stick
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Capturing those special moments is important. But when your arm isn't long enough to include everyone in the photo, you need a selfie stick.

This Selfie Stick Works with Most Phones

This selfie stick is compatible with any phone up to 3.5 Inches Wide. Your phone will nestle safely into the padded grip. Simply pull the tab and insert your phone.

To take a photo, simply set a timer on your camera. Most phones these days come with gestures or voice commands that can activate the shutter. Integrated in the textured, easy to grip handle is a tripod mount, so you can attach it to any tripod.

The selfie stick extends to more than three feet long! And since it's telescopic, it compacts easily for ease of travel and portability. Since the holster swivels 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees, there's no doubt that you'll be able to fossilize your memories from any angle!


- Take Pictures with Large Groups
- Compatible with Any Phone up to 3.5 in. Wide
- Fully Adjustable for Any Angle
- Integrated Tripod Mount.
- Textured Grip
- Convenient Pull Tab for Easy Set Up.
- Comes in Red and Blue (No Color Choice)
- Extends from 7 in. to More Than 3 ft.

5 Stars  Selfie stick 
Was very handy, long enough to capture the whole picture. Very recommendable

5 Stars  Great product 
Got this at a clearance price and it seems pretty well made for lightweight materials. Holds the phone just fine and does the job.

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