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4 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Tarp Clips

4 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Tarp Clips

4 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Tarp Clips
4 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Tarp Clips
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Secure your tarp, tent, awning, or car cover with these heavy duty, adjustable tarp clips.

The Best Method for Securing a Tarp

Most tarp clips are prone to breaking and just simply don't hold their own, let alone a tarp. The last thing you need is your boat cover blowing off on the highway. But these are heavy duty, made from a high quality polymer.

To use it, simply turn the thumbscrews to tighten or loosen the grips. The high strength, non-slip teeth will grip the tarp so that it stays safely in place.

They include a half-inch hole so you can secure standard sized ropes or bungee cords with ease.

Protect You, Your Family, and Your Belongings

Whether you're camping, storing your car or boat, securing a party tent for an outdoor gathering, or anything in between, this is a must have for easy and secure coverage keeping you and your precious belongings safe and dry.


  • Perfect for Tarps, Tents, Awnings, Car & Boat Covers
  • Heavy Duty
  • Adjustable Thumbscrew for Easy Opening and Closing
  • Non-Slip Teeth Grips
  • 0.5 in. Diameter Hole
  • Dimensions: 3.25 in. x 1 in.

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