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3-in-1 LED Roadside Flares

3-in-1 LED Roadside Flares

3-in-1 LED Roadside Flares
3-in-1 LED Roadside Flares
Your Price: $17.99
Compare at: $29.99  (40% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $31.98 (47% off)
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Get one for just $17.99
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Better than roadside flares, the 3-in-1 LED Roadside Flare 2-Pack makes sure your vehicle is visible when parked on the side of the road WITHOUT the danger of high-velocity flames produced by traditional flares.

The 3-in-1 emergency kit includes 2 multi-use LED flares that feature 3 light modes: flashlight, red emergency flare, and SOS emergency strobe. Press the On/Off button once to activate the strobe function. Press twice to activate the steady on flare function. Press 3 times to activate the flashlight features. And finally 4 times to turn the light off.

Stand these flares upright on their own using the included detachable bases, or use the ultra-strong magnet located at the end of each flare to attach to most magnetic surfaces like car panels. You can even attach one to your hood if you need to add coolant or oil to your engine at night. A durable, hard plastic carrying case keeps all the components together and is compact enough to store in your glove compartment.

The LED Roadside Flare Kit is a must-have for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, camping, fishing and more!

- Be prepared for a roadside emergency
- No danger from the flames of a traditional flare
- Includes 2 LED flares
- Multi-use: Flare, Emergency Strobe and Flashlight
- Reflective body increases visibility
- 2 Detachable Bases
- All Weather: flares work in rain, wind and snow
- Flares measure 7" x 1" without base
- Durable, hard plastic carry case
- Carrying Case: 8.5" x 5.25" x 2"
- Requires 6 AAA batteries (not included)

5 Stars  Good Safety Product 
The product is well made and easy to use. Ordered 1 and then ordered 5 more for the rest of the family.

4 Stars  Pretty cool ! I havent tested in the dark yet. Flashlight is weak.. 
These can be of great use, as they can not only be put on the ground but up in the window for greater visibility I think.. Also can be held and moved without dangerous flame, etc.. They look kinda fragile, would break easy. You get what you pay for.. There are better and there are worse out there. How do I know, lol ?!

5 Stars  All Good 
Worked as promised.

5 Stars  KISS 
KISS stands for Keep It Simple Sweetie which is exactly what you need in an emergency roadside stop and these LED Roadside Flares do just that. The only mistake I made when I purchased these was that I didnt buy one set for our granddaughters boyfriend. In the end, we purchased a total of 10 sets.

5 Stars  car safty 
I think all cars and trucks should have set in them . it is a great for all that drive

5 Stars  Awesome Device 
Works exactly as advertised, used them about 2 weeks after I got them and ended up giving them away to mark a one-vehicle crash on the highway in a serious rain storm.

4 Stars  A needed product 
I like to be prepared for what ever might happen, I haven t been stuck on the side of the road but I see how dangerous it is when I see other stuck! It s good to be prepared!

5 Stars  Roadflares 
The item look like it will do the job in case of an emergency.

5 Stars  Really like these. Easy to use, works really well. 
I really like how these operate. Theyre easy to use and work well. About my only issue is the reflector strips should be attached better, I added some gorilla glue to mine.

5 Stars  3 in 1 led roadside flares 
I am so happy I bought road side flares. I feel confident when Im out there at nite. Wonderful assurance to have

5 Stars  Great item to keep in your car 
This is a great item to keep in your car in case of an emergency. Easy to assemble and use. I highy recommend it.

4 Stars  3 n1 LED Roadside Flares 
Purchased 2 sets, 1 for RV and 1 for wheelchair van. Tried first set, new batteries out of package and they would not work. Come to find out the new cheaper batteries did NOT have enough charge to make them work. More powerful batteries did get them to work as advertised. Luckily have not had to use them in an emergency yet, but glad they are working. I would advise in storage to leave the batteries out until needed as to not loose any power from the batteries and check often enough, as we found they do not work with weak batteries. This is the only downfall I could find with these LED roadside flares.

5 Stars  LED Roadside Flares 
Excellent Quality. Met and exceeded my expectations for the product.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Fortunately, I have not had an occasion to use the 3-in-1 Roadside Flare kit, but it seems to be pretty much as advertised.

5 Stars  Emergency 
Great product. With all the fires here in N. California, this is a great product.

5 Stars  Roadside Flares 
As advertised, they work great and can be seen for some distance at night. Have them with my spare tire for use when needed.

5 Stars  Super 
Way safer in a high fire prone area.

5 Stars  roadside flares 
very handy easy for the wife to use

5 Stars  A really clever idea 
I bought two sets of these flares, one for each car. Fortunately I havent had to use them, and I hope I never will. Their design makes a lot of sense Ive always been uncomfortable with the idea of an open, hot flame [from conventional flares] near possible gasoline spills at accidents. Moreover these flares are reusable, just add new batteries and they are ready to go.

5 Stars  Very bright 
They are very bright and the magnets are strong.

5 Stars  A winner 
Great product. Much safer than standard road flares.

5 Stars  Experience tells! 
I have not had the need to utilize the emergency flares, but based on past experience with products received from Pulse tv, I expect excellent results from this purchase.

5 Stars  great safety product 
quality product, three levels of lighting, so they can be used for more than just car safety

5 Stars  A Very Good Item 
A very useful safety item to have in all vehicles. Great price for this item.

Wow was I surprised. These roadside LED emergency flares really are a smart choice to have in the car or boat. Extremely bright red LED flashing road flares that can be set to flash red, stay red and also a flashlight. You get two in a nifty case. They are magnetic and will stick to the car or to their own magnetic stands. This is a real DEAL folks. These LEDs are extremely bright and can be seen very well in the event of an emergency on the road, water or anywhere for that matter. I bought two !!

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3-in-1 LED Roadside Flares

The 3-in-1 emergency kit includes 2 multi-use LED flares that feature 3 light modes: flashlight, red emergency flare, and SOS emergency strobe.