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3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

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The New and Improved 3 in 1 LED Rechargeable Bulb is an energy efficient alternative to standard light bulbs, using less than 5 watts to provide the same light as a 30 watt incandescent bulb.

Have a power outage? When the bulb is in a light socket it will detect the loss of power, and go on automatically.

Its so easy to use... it screws into any standard light bulb sockets in lamps and light fixtures (E26/E27). The Bulb also recharges every time you screw it into a socket, and it doubles as a flashlight. Just unscrew it from the base, and take the light with you - it doesn't get hot!

Plus this new and improved bulb uses the latest in LED technology called SMDs. These are brighter and more efficent than regular LEDs and will last up to 25,000 hours of illumination!

- Screw into any standard E26 and E27 bulb sockets
- Recharges in sockets
- Emergency lighting (When in DC mode automatically lights up when mains power fails)
- Doubles as a flashlight
- Never gets hot to the touch
- Red LED indicator indicates lamp has power
- 90% energy savings over incandescent bulb
- 5 watt LED replaces 30 watt incandescent
- The latest in LED technology called SMDs - brighter and more efficient than regular LEDs. - 7 long-life SMDs lasts 25,000 hours
- No IR or UV radiation
- LED retrofits offer the benefits of containing no mercury,
- Saves energy (uses 80% less than general incandescent bulb)
- Extreme durability
- Includes Remote Control

- Lamp holder: E27
- Charging time: Approx 5 hours
- Duration time with no power source: Approx. 3 hours
- Remote control distance: 23 feet
- Battery capacity: 700 mAh, Maintenance-free
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