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3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW: Warm White Color

3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW: Warm White Color

3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW: Warm White Color
3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW: Warm White Color
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The New and Improved 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb is a self charging, energy efficient alternative to standard light bulbs, using just 9 watts of electricity to provide the same light as a 50 watt incandescent bulb. Now available in a calming warm white color!

Eliminate Blackouts In Any Emergency

Forget about fire-starting candles and trying to find a flashlight with working batteries. This Emergency Bulb, when screwed into a light socket, is always ready and will still function as normal when there is a power failure.

Each bulb provides 3 hours of uninterrupted light during a power outage. That means you're always prepared for any kind of weather or power emergency!

It's so easy to use... it screws into any standard light bulb sockets in lamps and light fixtures (E26/E27). The Bulb also recharges every time you screw it into a socket, and it doubles as a flashlight. Just unscrew it from the base, and take the light with you - it doesn't get hot!

Why You Should Use LED Bulbs

LED technology is more efficient than incandescent bulbs and can last 50 times longer. The average life-span of an LED bulb is 25,000 hours which is roughly about 10 years of daily use.

This saves you money! An LED Bulb uses 80% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs which can save you about $130 in electricity over the life of a bulb.

Where To Place Emergency Lighting

- In entryways: always see how to get in and out of your home or building.
- In stairwells: prevent a tragic trip by ALWAYS illuminating the way!
- Outside garages: safely park and get into your house.
- In bathrooms: - even in a power outage you'll be able to use your bathroom!

Emergency Home Lighting That's Easy To Install

Simply screw in the 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb into your light socket and that's it! It takes about 5 hours to fully charge and when there is a power outage the light automatically switches on. Note: May not work with dimmer switches.

For maximum usage, you can unscrew it and place the portable hook that's included with every bulb and it now is a powerful 500 lumen flashlight that will last 3 hours or more of continual use!


  • NEW: Warm White Glow
  • Screw into Any Standard E26 and E27 Bulb Sockets
  • Recharges in Light Sockets
  • Emergency Lighting: Works as Normal in a Power Outage
  • Doubles as a Flashlight
  • Smart Charging Built-In Lithium Battery
  • Shatterproof Housing Never Gets Hot to the Touch
  • 80% Energy Savings over Incandescent Bulb
  • 9 Watt LED replaces 50 Watt Incandescent
  • 500 Lumens of light in flashlight mode
  • No Harmful IR or UV radiation
  • Mercury-Free Alternative to CFL Bulbs
  • Includes Portable Hook for Hanging and Flashlight Mode
- Lamp holder: E27
- Charging time: Approx 5 hours
- Duration time with no power source: 3-4 hours
- Battery capacity: 700 mAh, Maintenance-free
- Ultra Bright 3500K Color Temperature (Warm White)
- AC Mode: 800 Lumens
- Flashlight Mode: 500 Lumens

4 Stars  Excited 
I give these bulbs a four because I have not had an occasion to see whether the claims are true. Purchased because we thought it would be great if and when we have a power outage.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb 
The bulb is an excellent product and works great.

5 Stars  A Must Have Item 
Worked perfectly the first time power went out.

5 Stars  Id give it even more stars if I could! 
I got these back in October and installed them. I kind of forgot about the emergency function until our power went out. Everything was off except for the two lamps that had these bulbs in them!

5 Stars  Worked like a charm 
I had this in my family room lamp and had all forgotten that it worked during a power outage. But thats what happened. I was confused at first as the TV went out but my light was still on!

1 Stars  Dont last 
I ordered three of these 3 in 1 LED light bulbs, after two months 1 burnt out, using it 3 hours a day, 1 started flickering after 1 month, great idea, poorly made, dont waste your money.

5 Stars  Needed this a few days after getting 
We had a power outage for three hours last week from high winds ... could not believe the timing ..... was so handy to have for the exact reason I got it

5 Stars  Great for power lost 
This is good to have instead of looking for a flashlight when there is a power outage. Hope I never need it but l am happy to know I have it. Good price for peace of mind.

5 Stars  Lights went out Lights went on 
I have 30 of these. Lights went out and these bulbs lit up instantly. Not so scary at night now!

5 Stars  Good backup when the power goes out 
I bought these because we have periodic power losses during storms. These should help light up my house.

5 Stars  They work! 
These Bulbs are great! My only complaint is that if you put them in a normal living room table lamp and you turn it off. They come on overnight. there should be a bypass switch so they can stay off until needed. Other than that they are GREAT!

5 Stars  Light blub 
I love it. It stays on when I take the blub out.

4 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW Warm White Color 
got over the dining table incase the power goes off, at least well have light there.

5 Stars  best lighting 
I have already used two of thee bulbs. Delightful, best lighting ever.

5 Stars  best light ever 
best lightbulb ever.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w 
This unique bulb operates just as advertised and is something I wouldnt hesitate recommend to anyone. Its a great safety device which is simple to use.

5 Stars  Ready For Bad Weather 
These light bulbs give off excellent lighting that will be useful if we lose power in bad weather.

4 Stars  light bulb 
they were nice

5 Stars  Really do work 
We have them in each bathroom and now our bedroom. The power went out this winter, in December I think, and our bathrooms were still nice and bright. Havent tried taking them out of the socket and using them that way yet, but I am pleased so far.

5 Stars  Works GREAT... Very handy to have available when needed! 
I like it! Works great! Its nice to have it available when needed... The HOOK gives it more ways to hang it when you need both hands to do things. Works GREAT! I LIKE IT!

5 Stars  Worked perfectly! 
These are great just as a regular bulb, but I have to say they worked like a charm when we lost power last week. I am buying more for the house as well as my children.

4 Stars  Emergency LED Light Bulb 
I purchased these since we live in a rural area and occasionally have power outages. Im sure theyll come in handy when the need arises but are too dim to use as a regular light bulb. I have them in lamps in rooms we normally dont use just to keep them charged if and when the need arises.

5 Stars  3 in 1 emergency light bulb with clip 
This was a great item to purchase! Our power hardly ever goes out, thankfully, but I am prepared for the possibility.. even more now with these light bulbs. I ordered 2 and love that they come with a clip for hanging wherever you may need them. One came damaged and PulseTV was very helpful in getting it replaced. Thank you PulseTV representative!

5 Stars  Amazing! 
I bought 2 and then bought 2 more when I saw how great they are!! And they really work. Our neighborhood had a blackout and we were the only house with light!

5 Stars  Works great 
These work great. You can control whether they are on or not during a power failure using the same switch you turn them on or off with when there is No power failure. During a power failure they try to detect other things connected to the same circuit which they will be able to detect if the switch is on and not be able to detect if the switch is off. If they detect the other things, they come on. This does mean, that you will not be able to turn them off if you have them in a light fixture with other items controlled by the same switch. There is a little device that you can screw them into to use them as a flashlight with the device simulating other items connected to the same circuit. It would be nice if this little device had an off on switch on it, but it doesnt

If the electric power should be interrupted for an extended of time you will be able to motivate in the darkness for hours. I experienced the east coast blackout in New York city back in the day and I wish we had these lights. You never know. I suggest purchasing a few of them. Be prepared just in case.

5 Stars  Electricity went off - lights went on immediately 
We had a 24-hour power outage and had one of these lights. I turned it on and immediately had a nice, bright light. I have ordered 10 more and they are now part of my survival gear. Thank you, Pulsetv!!

5 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb 
One of the best lights ive found

5 Stars  Light saver 
Since I received these bulbs we have had one power outage. They stayed on! No flickering or anything. Just on. So far they are fantastic.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
Product works great! Great value!

3 Stars  Light bulb 
I was a little disappointed to discover that there was no push button, instead you have to twist the top to turn it on. The bulbs that I have bought on a different website, have a push button which is much easier.

5 Stars  Amazing light 
This light can be used as a flashlight or as a emergency light coming on when the power goes off. Keep one in just about every room. I m going to buy more.

5 Stars  GREAT 
love them ordered four already gave 2 away

5 Stars  Great idea! 
We havent had any power outages yet since I received this item. But its certainly going to come in handy if and when we do.

4 Stars  LED Bulbs 
quite dim lighting, needs to be brighter, but works well when electricity goes out!

5 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/Clip 

5 Stars  make sure you test correctly 
I bought several of these. To test them I unplugged the lamp in which they were installed. None of them came back on. Customer service said to try using a circuit breaker. Sure enough they all came back on within a second. They even worked when I flipped the switch on the power strip the lamp uses. The bulb looks very useful.

5 Stars  Works and very handy 
I keep this product on one of my lamps nearby and its always ready for an emergency. Very easy to use as flashlight when charged.

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3 in 1 Emergency LED Light Bulb w/ Clip NEW: Warm White Color

The New and Improved 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb is a self charging, energy efficient alternative to standard light bulbs, using just 9 watts of electricity to provide the same light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb.