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3-Pack Silly Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toys

3-Pack Silly Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toys

3-Pack Silly Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toys
3-Pack Silly Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toys
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $24.99  (40% off)

Does your dog have plenty of toys but continuously chews on your pillows, furniture or shoes? Do you wish there was a plush dog toy out there that actually lasts longer? Well, There Is!

A Safe Stuffingless Dog Toy for All Breeds

Introducing Silly Critters, the incredible plush chew toy your dog will love! These toys are durable, stuffing-free and made specifically for dogs. No more stuffing flying around the house after your dog destroys your pillows or other stuffed animals.

Remember, plush toys and stuffed animals are not made for dogs but they have so much more appeal than the chew toys we find at the market. Silly Critters look and feel like many of the stuffed toys they are not supposed to touch, yet are made for them to chew, chase, and cuddle.

Each is 17 inches long and contains squeakers in both the head and abdomen. Instinctively, your dog will love carrying around these crazy critters. They're also GREAT for tug-of-war.

They can take the punishment too. They're made with super strong reinforced plushy fur which makes them soft and cuddly but rugged enough to fetch, yank and shake. They are favorites of both big and small dogs. Use them as a dog training aid to teach puppies where, and with what they are allowed to play. It comes in 3 fun designs (squirrel, grey fox, and red fox) but your 3pk is selected at random to get you the best price possible!


  • Doggie-Tough, Safe for All Breeds
  • Machine-Washable
  • Reinforces Positive Behavior
  • Squeakers at Both Head and Tail
  • No Messy, Loose Stuffing After Play
  • Play With These Instead of Children's Toys, Socks, Furniture
  • Provides Hours of Safe, Healthy Fun
  • Stuffing-Free and Lays Flat
  • Easy to Play With
  • Great for Dogs of All Sizes!
  • Comes in Squirrel, Red Fox, Gray Fox
  • You Get a Set of 3 (Randomly packaged... it's a surprise!)
  • Dimensions: Approx. 17in x 4in

5 Stars  Great toy! 
My dog loves these! I just ordered 3 more. Now I dont spend half my time picking up stuffing that she has ripped out of her toys. The price is great too! These are listed on ebay for anywhere from $5.95 to $9.00 EACH!

5 Stars  Love That Dawg!!!!! 
Cats like to pounce on things...My cats love the red lazer dot pointer pen I bought a few months ago. Dogs like to chew and your dog will love this Crazy Critters dog toy! Its dourable and will last for many months of dog-abuse. Doesnt YOUR DOG deserve this wonderful toy?

1 Stars  Dead in 30 seconds 
I have 4 larger dogs and thought this might be a good deal for Christmas and thought that I would not have stuffing everywhere. In less than 30 seconds, 2 dogs had ripped open the tails and tore out the squeaker and in approximately 2 more minutes, the other 2 dogs had done the same. This was record time for my dogs to destroy a toy. This obviously is only for small dogs that are not aggressive chewers and are easy on their toys. I am very disappointed. A total waste of money.

5 Stars  Love these toys 
I have gone to using these stuffing free dog toys exclusively for my three yorkies, and for all of the foster dogs I have as well. I have now had over 200 foster dogs and I no longer have to pick up de stuffed toys from the new kids destruction.

5 Stars  Crazy Critters Dog Toys 
A very good value on 6 pieces. I have 2 minature dachshounds and they love these squeeky toys! Great Christmas gift for them!

5 Stars  Great value! 
Great value on these Crazy Critters! It usually takes my dog about a month to completely chew up this item so Im always buying these at other stores! This was an outstanding price, the items arrived as expected, and the price was remarkable!

5 Stars  Gizmo was happy ! 
I ordered a set of these for our dog Gizmo. He seems to think that these are the toys he has been looking for for the whole 3 years of his life. If he doesnt have one in his mouth, hes trying for two. Thanks

5 Stars  Crazy Critters 
Love these toys!! I give them out to my puppy people when they come get their puppies. Everyone enjoys getting them.

5 Stars  Rubys favorite 
Ruby plays with these all the time. They have lasted longer, and are safer than many of the other toys I have gotten for her.

5 Stars  I sure paid a lot more at Petsmart 
We seem to buy a lot of pet toys and thought this was a great money saver.

Expensive as this was i will just stick to the old sock tied in a knot! My Dog chews these toys in two in a matter of minutes! I have bought 2 of these and she destroys them and also I like how they make parts of the toy out of old Dora the Explorer doll clothes.

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Video: 3-Pack Silly Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toys

Crazy Critters are the incredible plush chew toys your dog will love! These toys are durable, stuffing free and made specifically for dogs
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