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3 PORT USB HUB With Deep Pencil Holder Tray

3 PORT USB HUB With Deep Pencil Holder Tray

3 PORT USB HUB With Deep Pencil Holder Tray
3 PORT USB HUB With Deep Pencil Holder Tray
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The 3 PORT USB HUB With Deep Storage Tray is a great addition for work, home, school, and even your car. While these ports are powered at 1 Amp (not powerful enough for large items like an iPad), it easily can charge everyday items like your phone and earbuds. It also can power small USB accessories like lights and decorations. Another great option for this item is using it in the car. Not only will you have three extra USB ports, but also a large tray for storing your car's items.

The storage tray is 2.75 inches deep and is a great option for a desk to store pens and pencils, notepads, paperclips, and any other small office supplies. At home, this is a great storage option for small tools like screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, and other various loose items. You also get a long 3 foot 10 inch USB cord to power the USB ports.


- Three 1-Amp Powered USB Ports
- Deep 2.75" Storage Tray
- Great For Work, Home, And Even Car
- Two While LED Power Lights
- Perfect For Desk Item Storage
- Includes 3 Foot 8 In USB Power Cord
- Comes In White Or Blue (no color choice)
- Dimensions: 3.8" X 3.5" X 2.75"

5 Stars  USB hub pencil holder 
Comes in handy

5 Stars  I like bit 
Very handy. Takes up a minimum of space.I was surprised it has a light

5 Stars  Nice 
Very handy. Good buy

5 Stars  Handy 
Surprised that there is a light. Very convenient

4 Stars  usb cup holder 
I like it it works good at my computer desk.

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