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3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve

3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve

3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve
3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $29.99  (50% off)
5 Stars - Best stuff ever
I've had a problem with heel calluses and cracks for quite a few years. I've tried so many products with little to no effect. I was pleasantly shocked to see and feel a very noticeable difference after only one application. Now after a week I have sandal feet. Even my podiatrist commented. - JULIE S., CA.

Enjoy Soft, Healthy, Beautiful Feet!

You won't find a more effective product as Savex Foot Care Salve.

Feel the soothing sweetness of this salve working its magic on your tired, dry or itchy feet.

Featuring skin-friendly oils like Mineral, Lanolin and more (full list below), this deep-penetrating foot salve will rehydrate severely dry skin, aid in the healing of cracks and eliminate itching. This wonder salve even prevents foot odor!

Unlike lotions which are high in water content which can actually cause dryness, this salve has no water to promote faster healing... for healthier feet. Also contains Menthol which acts as an antiseptic, anti-irritant & cooling skin soother.

The Savex Foot Care Salve is a MUST for any diabetic

It lasts long too... it can provide hydration for up to six hours... no more constant applying of lotions.

In this specially priced 3-pack you get three jars 2 oz's each.


- Get THREE 2 oz jars
- Hydrates severly dry skin
- Heals cracked heels
- Eliminates itchy feet
- Contains Menthol which acts as an antiseptic, cooling soother, and anti-irritant

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Paraffin, Coconut Butter, Petrolatum, Menthol, Lecithin, Fragrance, Red 27 Lake

3 Stars  Moisturizing Foot Balm 
I purchased this in the hopes it would help relieve the numbness and tingling in my feet. It does not! However, it absorbs quickly into the skin of my feet and does give a slight albeit short cooling sensation. I apply it before I go to bed and let it absorb before I put my feet under the sheets. It does absorb very quickly and seems to make the feet skin much softer. But no relief for the tingling and numbness!

5 Stars  Good product 
Leaves skin feeling Moist and smooth eliminates the dry feeling

4 Stars  Works Great!!! 
This works! It smooths and moisturizes.

5 Stars  Really softens and moisturizes 
I love this salve! Im pre-diabetic according to one doctor and diabetic well controlled with medication according to another, so I want to take good care of my feet. This product doesnt have a strong smell, just a little bit of menthol, and is nice and thick, like vaseline. I put it on in the evening and let it soak in before bed. Sometimes I put on cotton socks. I have ordered repeatedly and will continue to!

5 Stars  Best stuff ever 
Ive had a problem with heel calluses and cracks for quite a few years. Ive tried so many products with little to no effect. I was pleasantly shocked to see and feel a very noticeable difference after only one application. Now after a week I have sandal feet. Even my podiatrist commented.

3 Stars  Foot salve 
Husband didnt like I havent tried yet

5 Stars  Finding A Cure! 
I been looking for a moisturizer for my feet for longtime. I read about Savex Foot Care and decided to give it try. I am very glad I did . The salve worked the first time I applied it and my feet stays hydrated for days. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good foot Salve!

4 Stars  your feet willlove you 
the salve feels good on the feet and increases the circulation. Makes a treat to go for an extended walk

5 Stars  It works 
I bought it for my husband and it works where nothing else has for dry, cracked skin.

4 Stars  Foot care 
This is nice but I probably wont buy again.

5 Stars  Nice foot cream 
I got this salve in the mail and just let it sit. After a week I decided to try it. I was very pleased! My feet are nice and smooth. Now I use it daily and even keep one in my gym bag to use after a workout and shower at the gym.

5 Stars  Great purchase. 
Very happy with this purchase. Love this product and it shipped out quickly.

4 Stars  Nice Stuff 
My wife and I both like this product. We are always please with the fact that it seems to blend into the skin and not remain greasy.

4 Stars  Savex Foot Care Salve 
This stuff seems too Work Great & it has a Very Nice Scent also. I cant wait to see the results?

5 Stars  Worth the money 
Very good product and the price cannot be beat!

5 Stars  Excellent 
This really works well and quickly, was amazed.

5 Stars  Savex Foot Care Saive 
second time I bought this and like the product a lot.

I am diabetic and keeping my feet healthy is critical. I have been using this Savex cream for several years now, and it definitely helps to keep my feet soft. I apply it and then put on a pair of sweat socks. The excess cream soaks into the inside of the socks and I can just wear the socks and they help keep my feet soft. I reapply the cream every few days.

5 Stars  Mr. 
This is the best product on the market for problem feet. Without Savex, my feet are dry and scaley. That condition is easily managed with one application, daily. I have purchased it from Pulsetv.com for years. I rate it 5 stars out of 5.

5 Stars  A Product that actually works 
First time I used this pink wax like stuff, it worked like nothing I have ever seen. Its not only good for dry feet, it works on elbows and other parts of the body. I live in the desert and am subject to dry skin. Great stuff!

5 Stars  Great Product ... Even For Hands!!!! 
I dont have any foot issues, but bought this product to see how it would work with the eczema I have on my hands. I didnt care for the smell, but got used to it. After massaging the product onto my hands, the redness and itching went away quickly! All my other eczema creams contain water and does not work quite as well as the foot salve. I love this product because it also feels cool and refreshing while being absorbed into the skin.

5 Stars  Savex Foot Care Salve 
Over the years I have had cause to use the over the counter foot creams. This one really works, and you can see it work with one application. This is a great product.

5 Stars  Baby feet 
This salve does the trick. My feet thank you as do my legs. I have a mild case of eczema and the salve helps a lot.

5 Stars  Savex Foot Care 
Penetrates the dry skin and makes it soft. Feet feel better after a week of using.

5 Stars  My feet love it! 
I put this on my feet every night before bed and then put on socks. In the morning my feet are soft and not dry. It keeps me from having dry, cracked skin on my feet. It works great on my hands, too.

5 Stars  3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve. 
If you put it all over your feet before you go to bed, then put some socks on, which I hate sleeping with socks on, your feet will definitely feel less dry and much smoother.. The more nights you do that, the better. Soon youll soon have very nice looking feet.

5 Stars  Foot SAVER 
This salve is so good that our podiatrist asked what we were using on my moms diabetic feet..when we told her about this product, she was very impressed with the improvement and was going to order some for herself and recommend to her patients.

5 Stars  Works great 
I started using this stuff because I found a jar in a cabinet. I used to always have issues with dry skin on the soles of my feet, especially in the winter. Sometimes that would seem to lead to athletes foot. Because this is a cream, I decided to try it to see if it would help me avoid the dry skin problems. Since I started using it, I have never had any such recurring issues, nor have I had any bouts of athletes foot. I always apply it after showering and it has worked well.

5 Stars  Savex for feet 
I love this product & hope they never discontinue it! My feet dry and crack easily as Im allergic to acrylic rugs & nylon in rugs & socks. I started using this nightly on my feet & havent had them crack since 4 yr ago when I first ordered it from here. Now I wont be without it!

5 Stars  good product, good service 
This product works well to soften hard skin on toes and feet. Service was excellent.

5 Stars  Great 
I put this on feet at night with socks. My feet are so soft the next morning. It is amazingly wonderful. Love Pulse Tv

5 Stars  Savex Foot Care 
This is a terrific product at a great price for keeping feet in shape, particularly in the winter. It comes in rather small jars so order the 3-pack to save money and make sure you dont run out.

5 Stars  Savex Foot Care Salve 
My husband and I are both diabetics, my husband was experiencing pain like shoots and needles on his feet so when I first heard about this Savex foot care salve, I ordered to see if itll work for him. My husband can attest that his pain went away since he started using it. He uses it everyday. Although I havent experienced pains like he did, I thought Id be proactive, so like my husband I use this product everyday. We both love it!

4 Stars  Savex Foot Care Salve 
Like this product, I put it on at night before sleep with a pair of socks and in the morning my feet are soft and smooth

5 Stars  3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve 
These little jars hold a wonderful way to keep your feet soft. I suppose it could be used every night, but I have found that just once or twice a week works wonders to melt away that rough dry skin on heels with no scraping or scrubbing. Just rub it in at night, probably a good idea to wear a pair of soft socks cause it is a bit messy until it melts in, and next morning you will be amazed how soft your heels look and feel.

5 Stars  great stuff! 
i have bought this before and will continue to buy it. its great for the calluses on your feet. i have used other more expensive brands, but this is just as good. i recommend it.

5 Stars  3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve 
I like this - I apply at night liberally and put on socks. My feet are improving! Thanks

5 Stars  Good for bug bites, rashes, and many others also 
I have been using this for diabetic foot care for years. For me, I only have to apply it 1-2 times PER MONTH to do the trick! Also worked wonders on a recent mystery rash that was bothering me

5 Stars  Gramma1 
Works very well. I would recommend

5 Stars  Amazing stuff! 
This savex salve is not just for feet! I use it on all my husbands very dry areas on his body. He has diabetes and it is amazing how the dry skin on his feet practically falls off! his feet feel better as well as the other parts on him where I put it..I truly recommend this product!

5 Stars  Unsurpassed Excellence 
Ive used this product now for some years. THIS very product, purchased directly from PulseTV.com, is the absolute best Ive ever used. I use it prior to going for walks or runs, especially anything Endurance distance. Its been an amazing part of the recipe for successfully caring for my feet, after years of military service and cold/wet weather foot injuries.

5 Stars  Perfection in a bottle 
Never thought I would write a review, but this product is so amazing, I am writing a review for it! I have extremely dry feet and it has been a problem for years. They get so dry and cracked that it hurts so bad I can barely walk. It doesnt help that when I am home, I like to walk around barefoot. I put this product on before I go to bed and again in the morning when I wake up. Just 3 nights! and my feet are not cracked anymore and are very soft. I have tried so many different products at a range of prices and nothing worked... and if they did work, they all lead to the same thing once I stop applying those lotions or creams for even just one day, my feet are back to ground zero. I had went a few days without putting Favex Footcare on, and my feet are still smooth and uncracked. WORTH THE PRICE. WORTH BUYING IF YOU HAVE A CONSTANT ISSUE WITH DRY AND CRACKED FEET. After applying, you will get better results if you put socks on to trap in the moisture. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

3 Stars  Foot Care Salve 
I to have to say I had mixed feelings about this product. But , my feet crack and bleed from being so dry. Well , I purchased the salve , and I have to say... It really works. The reason I gave it only 3 stars ??? Because of the scent !! To me - it smells like believe it or not - it smells like smoke. UUGGHHH ... please , do something to make it smell better.

5 Stars  Just ordered again! It really works. 
I have terribly dry legs and even prescription lotions didnt help. This stuff is awesome! I had bought it to put over my lotion but I didnt have to. Its perfect as is and now I use it on my elbows too. My family was shocked at the difference it made. Im addicted to this salve!

5 Stars  Finally !!! Smooth, Soft, Feet !!! 
I ordered this with zero confidence, but for the price I figured it cant hurt to try it. Well, it is unbelievable! I put some on the night I received it, then put on socks and slept with them on. When I woke up the next morning and took the socks off, OMG, totally smooth heels, and the big hard callouses on the ball of my foot and the side of my big toe were all dramatically better -- and that was just the first time I used it. After using it 3 nights in a row, my callouses are almost totally gone. Its a great product.

5 Stars  Searching my whole life! 
This product is fantastic! I though perhaps all these reviews were fake, but for the price, I was willing to try it. It doesnt cure your feet problems, but if you use it regularly, either once a day or even every other day, your feet will no longer crack or peel and having Type 2 diabetes, thats important to me. I would highly recommend! If you want to ask me personally, my email is MKLodato@aol.com. So you know this is not made up!

5 Stars  Awesome Foot Product 
I was skeptical in purchasing this product but reviews were great so I gave it a shot. It works far better than I expect. I had the worse dry, cracked feet and after 2 uses - I definitely saw a difference. I now use it a few times a week and my feet are beautiful! I also have very dry skin on my elbows - a little dab of the salve a day and they are soft and smooth - amazing!

5 Stars  Really works!! 
I just got my 3-pack of Savex Foot Care Salve and applied some to both of my feet. The soles, toes, and heels of both my feet have been very, very dry and scaly. Well after just one application, my feet feel much better and I can just feel the dryness being replaced by moisture and softness. Honestly, I thought it would take many applications to feel and see these kind of results! Im very pleased with this product and it was well worth the price. My feet are on the mend. Great stuff!!

5 Stars  Great stuff 
I love this stuff and I am so glad that I bought it. I cannot do without it. I have reordered it twice and getting ready to order it again. I sure wish that it came in a bigger size as I use it every day and also take with me on vacation.

5 Stars  Savex foot care 
This is the best product ever!! i have had really rough and dry heels all my life. This stuff is almost magical. I even put it on my elbows and the skin is silky smooth. I love it and am ordering more.

5 Stars  Great stuf! 
Ive had a constant problem with dry, cracked heels, especially in the summer when Im barefoot a lot. This salve almost melts off the calloused skin and after only 4 days of using it, I noticed a dramatic difference! This stuff works as promised!

5 Stars  Wonderful Stuff! 
12/30/12 This salve is wonderful! While putting it on my feet it was on my hands, naturally. The result was that it worked just great on both. I recommend it to you. This advice is my New Years gifts to you. Sally

5 Stars  Excellent for hands and feet 
I bought this several weeks ago but couldnt find where to write a review- I found this by mistake. Its excellent! After only a few applications my feet were visibly better. I also put iton my hands with the same good results. This is a winner.

4 Stars  wish it was bigger 
This product lives up to the promise, works just as well as much more expensive drug store products and I use it on my hands too.

5 Stars  WOW 

4 Stars  Feels great 
This foot salve is non-greasy and feels good on my feet.

5 Stars  dry heels 
i ordered this for my daughter who is a nurse,and has a problem with cracked heels. She said this really works

5 Stars  Savex saved my feet 
I have diabetes & extremely dry cracked feet,I had 5 separate cracks just on one foot whether its winter or summer. Savex is the first product that actually healed my cracks. You can no longer see where they were at all! My doctor told me I had very healthy feet-little did he know how bad they were! I have used this product for about a year now & pray that they never discontinue this product! I love it!!!

5 Stars  My feet love this! 
Like most people, I was a bit skeptical, but took a chance and ordered the salve. To my surprise, this stuff works great! The salve and my feet are now best buddies.

5 Stars  It Works ! 
I had serious doubt, I really did, but after reading all the great reviews along with the low price I figured, whats to lose ! If it works, great, if not, Im not out much. Then, after seeing the 3 pack at additional savings along with an additional 10% off offer, just in case it turned out well, I went for broke and ordered 2 3 packs ! So glad I did ! My wife has really dry feet, has tried everything under the sun, and nothing ever worked until now. She has been using it about a week and her feet are smooth as silk ! Her one complaint however is that it seems very greasy but she also says it doesnt seem to rub off on anything so take what you will from that. She has asked me to order more in case they run out so shell have plenty on hand, LOL, but with 5+ jars still remaining I think Ill hold off just a bit ! Great product, made me hero of year and thats a good thing !!!

5 Stars  Best of the best 
This is my second order of this product and I can only say that this works where nothing else does. My friends cracked heels were healed in short order. Also smoothed small bumps on legs above knees.

5 Stars  Works great. 
Has really softened the dry heels. Have been putting it on at night before bed and then cover the feet with socks. Will buy again.

5 Stars  BUY IT!! 
This is a GREAT PRODUCT that does exactly what it says and more. You wont regret buying it.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
This is a wonderful product and does exactly what it claims. It gets rid of calluses in a matter of days.

5 Stars  Happy customer 
I got one jar of this Savex Foot Care Salve and it REALLY works. I have tried everything else on the market, and this by far is the best. It has a pleasant light smell, not like the car wax or shoe polish smell like with other products. I will be ordering more today, for myself and a couple of friends

5 Stars  Definitively a 5 star feet saver! 
I order this with a bit of skepticism, had tried many internet bought creams that honestly were just a waste of money and time! From the first week I used this product I saw the changes ..I wear sandals all year round in California! and I too do quite a bit of hiking and once in awhile get blisters from all that sweating ...so finally a cream that works for both ...now my son started to use it and i need more! do keep it in stick pleeeease!

5 Stars  awesome product 
I didnt know what to expect, as this salve is a little tacky to the feel. However, the effects are long lasting. I have tried so many other products, but I feel my search is over. Now, you just need to offer larger containers!

5 Stars  Bought after reading Janets review 
I bought this after reading the wonderful review Janet gave this about her 26 year old. I really wondered if it worked that good. Got it and boy is it great. Thank you Janet for sharing your story and getting me to buy. This stuff is AMAZING.


5 Stars  Savex 
Great product for the feet...

5 Stars  larger jars 
the product is great, but it should come in larger jars,

5 Stars  Wow Best Foot Moisturizer Ever Its a Blessing!!! 
This Stuff is the BEST,Im a Diabetic and for some time now I just couldnt find Product suited for Diabetics now I have a Blessing in a Jar!! From the First day I used it my feet have never looked or felt Better.

5 Stars  Great Foot Cream 
I have had the best luck with this foot cream and am glad to be able to get it from here.

5 Stars  Fantastic Healing of my poor heels. 
My heels were dry and cracked really bad. I went to a pediatrist he gave me a script for some kind of a cream and told me to apply and wrap my feet nightly, but instead I tried this Salve just applying it daily for awhile and my heels are healed Im going to use this some still just to maintain my good feet but this salve works great.

5 Stars  Foot Salve 
The foot salve seems to be working, removing some of the dry skin on my heels.

5 Stars  Best foot balm ever! 
My feet were so dry that my heels were cracking open. I tried every lotion I could think of to no avail. This balm is like a miracle! I didnt have high hopes when I bought it, I mean, its so inexpensive - but its the best foot restorer ever! My feet are now healed and are as smooth as silk! Love it!

5 Stars  Greatest Balm Ever 
I have used all kinds of lotions and have not been satisfied. They just dont seem to last. This made my hands and feet feel soft and worked immediately. There was no greasy feel and the balm worked into my skin. I will definitely keep on using this year round. I love this product!

5 Stars  WOW! Were have you been all my life? 
Bought this for myself and my daughter. More-so for my daughter, who is now 26. She has always had a problem with her skin since birth. We used to call her a fish for more than her swimming abilities. She has had a problem with scalely legs and really bad feet. Her arms, hands, face and any other part of he body you can think of is dry and cracking to the point of bleeding. She called today and said Mom, did you know that I have skin under all my fish scales? then proceeded to ask where I got those little containers of cream that I gave her. That she hasnt used lotion since I gave them to her, except her face. Then she wanted to know how much a jar of the stuff would cost. She thought that what I had given her was a sample. So that should tell you something, maybe it should be in bigger containers. There are a lot of people with BIG problems. It works GREAT! She LOVES it! First thing that has every worked in 26 years, thank you Savex!

5 Stars  Great foot cream 
I love this salve and the price is right. I have given one jar to a friend.

5 Stars  Love this Savex 
Ive even used this on a stubborn spot of exczema and it works.

5 Stars  Best Foot Moisturizer Ever! 
I was skeptical when I first ordered the Savex foot balm because it is so inexpensive. My feet were so dry, and I had tried many other more expensive lotions and creams with no lasting results. So, I decided to give the Savex a try. I was so pleased with the results. This is the best stuff Ive used on my feet ever! It worked so well for me that I ordered a 3-pack for my mom.

5 Stars  Great product 
I have been using this now for about 3 days and already I notice a HUGE difference in my skin. My advice to anyone using it is to use it at night, slather it on your feet and massage in and then put socks on as the paraffin makes it very greasy at first. I also do the same with my hands at night and put gloves on. My skin was so dry it was cracking everywhere and painful. Now it is healing and getting better each day. I plan on using it daily and now I have my husband using it at night as well.

5 Stars  wonderful 
so far this stuff is great. iput it on in the mornig, and then i put on my socks, the same thing at night, before sack time. my feet are getting softer.

5 Stars  foot care salve 
it works great and i really like it, especially the price

5 Stars  Best Foot Balm Ive Tried! 
Absolutely the best! I had trouble with dry, cracking feet for months. After one application of the Savex Foot Care Salve, they started to heal. They are now softer and smoother than theyve been in ages! Love it!

5 Stars  Best foot cream 
I haved uses many foot creams and this seems to be the best I have ever used, well worth the price!!

5 Stars  AMAZING PRODUCT Especially for Diabetics 
I have dealt with my diabetes for 216 yrs, on a rather casual basis until my feet got ivolved. No matter how much rubing with a pumise stone would rid me of the dreadful look and feel of my feet. Savex popped up on the horizon and i took a chance. I am almost finished w/my 2nd jar looking for a source. Careful what you put out to the UNIVERSE the answer may not be obvious. This is a marvelous product and I will continue to recommend it to anyone suffering from diabetes and other foot and leg related problems.

5 Stars  Wow! 
This far surpasses any lotion I could use on my feet. In fact, its sooooo good, I wish I could use it on my face! Great product!!!

5 Stars  This just plain out works 
I get 5 different daily deal emails and am usually skeptical about certain types of products. I took a chance on this and was very happy. This works and is a real deal.

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3-PK of Savex Foot Care Salve

Enjoy Soft, Healthy, Beautiful Feet... You won't find a more effective product as Savex Foot Care Salve. In this specially priced 3-pack you get three jars 2 oz's each.