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3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb
3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb
3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb
3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb
3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb
3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb

3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb

3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb

Compare at: $24.99  (80% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

There is no way around it... Incandescent Bulbs use up a ton of energy. Replacing them with LED versions can cost a small fortune UNTIL NOW!

We've got this awesome 3-pack of LED Bulbs, loaded with features for a super low price.

Made by Honeywell, these aren't just any run of the mill LED Light Bulbs... these are dimmable from 100 percent to 10 percent (must have dimmable light switch and/or fixture).

Plus they last over ten times longer than standard light bulbs. That's over 20 years per bulb or 25,000 hours! Not only does this save you so much money, think of all the hassles of trying to reach your bulbs to replace them.

When you compare this to a regular bulb that lasts about 2,000 hours it's a no-brainer. But then when you factor in how much less electricity they use, you're saving a bundle. Get this! Using these will save you approximately $161.70 over the course of its life That's PER BULB!

Think how much you'll save if you replace all of your standard bulbs around your home. Each bulb is as bright as a regular 60 Watt bulb and has a beautiful, Warm White color temperature of 2700K.

Features and Benefits:
- Below cost pricing, supplies are limited!
- 3 Pack Of Soft White Lights
- Made By Honeywell
- Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Environment
- Dimmable from 100% to 10%
- LED Bulb Lasts Approximately 22+ Years
- E26 Standard Base
- 60 Watt Equivalent
- Uses Only 9.5 Watts
- Stays Cool To The Touch
- UL Listed
- Shatterproof And Mercury-Free
- Brightness: 800 Lumens
- Color Temperature: 2700K
- 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty (see back of package for details)

Review this item!

5 Stars  Great product 
Works as described, packaging very substantial, good value

5 Stars  LED Bulbs 
Love them

5 Stars  Going LED 
Replaced the old incandescent bulbs with these LED bulbs and the rooms are brighter and Im saving money.

5 Stars  Great bulbs 
This bulbs work great and the 3 pack is a deal...

5 Stars  3 pk Honeywell 60w equivalent LED Bulb 
Excellent results from these replacement LED Bulbs. Nice lighting effect and far more efficient than Incandescent Bulbs of Equivalent 60w performance.

2 Stars  Not a fan.....?? 
Very shortly after installing these into my dimming ceiling fan...I learned that they do not work well on the dimming feature. It the light is on high they work well, but when you dim the lights they flicker...annoyingly!

5 Stars  Led bulbs 
Good bulbs, great price

5 Stars  Great lite bulbs 
Im happy with the brightness of this bulb.im hoping they last longer than regular bulbs.

5 Stars  Great value 
Got two 3 packs. Very bright and very satisfied. Should have purchased six packs.

5 Stars  Bright shine 
I can see thing better

5 Stars  LED bulbs 
great deal for the price!!!!

5 Stars  LED Bulb 
Excellent for the price. Very economical and brightness tolerable for my eyesight. Great purchase for a house warming gift.

5 Stars  led bulbs 
as described, work well, good price

4 Stars  Great for saving time and money 
Ez to install great light and no constant changing bulbs.

5 Stars  Great Bulbs 
Great bulbs - this is my third or fourth order. Bulbs are long lasting and are cool in temp even after long use time. Most important you can not beat the price.

5 Stars  Convert To All LED in Home 
I have roof-mounted solar panels that help reduce our foot print on the grid. I purchased these lights to add to other LEDs in our home. They save on electricity and are long-lasting. I will buy more as they are available On Sale.

5 Stars  this is a well made and respected company and these lamps are perfect 
i am pleased with the operation of these lamps and hope to use more down the road

5 Stars  Quick Delivery and Excellent Product 
The bulbs are very sturdy and seem to last a long time ...

5 Stars  2 Pk Honeywell 60w LED bulb 
The bulbs are great, bright and sturdy. I even dropped one while installing and it still works fine. I recommend them to anyone who wishes to economize.

5 Stars  great value for a good product 
I purchased these bulbs to replace some older bulbs that were going out. The are much better than the older bulbs brighter and more range with a dimmer. Also work great as a stand alone bulb...put one in the attic and it gives out plenty of light! I recommend this product!

5 Stars  Actually white and bright 
Wish you could see the photos I took of the new ones versus the ones that were in there. The older ones looked yellowish and the new ones were white and bright. I went ahead and changed all 3 bulbs out with the new ones, which were in my art-room. Love them & will be buying more if they still have them.

5 Stars  Satisfied 
Delivered as advertised and on time

5 Stars  Honeywel Light Bulbs 
Love them! Great product at a great price. Thanks, Pulse TV!

5 Stars  Saving Energy! 
These bulbs are as bright as the old bulbs,but, so energy efficient. They will last for years. Very good price with fast shipping.

5 Stars  good deal for led lights 
good deal for led lights

5 Stars  Great value!!!!!!! 
These are the real deal and we just love them. The price was well worth buying three sets. I might just order more.

5 Stars  Great bulb & value 
This was a great price for a very good light bulb. LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than incondesant bulbs.

5 Stars  Light bulbs 
Anything energy efficiant is cool!

5 Stars  3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb 
Excellent LED Bulbs. Purchased bulbs to save energy cost.


5 Stars  Great Buy 
I received them very quickly, and compared to the price Id have paid in local retail stores, they are a great buy. I feel very lucky to have gotten them. Thank you.

5 Stars  Great Bargain 
They illuminate with nice warm light. No harsh bluish glow like others I have used.

5 Stars  good buy 
good bulb great price

How can you beat this deal. We all need light bulbs and they are expensive even at Home Depot or Lowes. Buy them now at PulseTV.com for a price you wont find at any other store.

4 Stars  Lite bulbs 
Great bulbs for the price work great shipping could have been better but not bad.

5 Stars  Dimmable LED solution 
My dining room light has a dimmer switch and I had compact fluorescent lights in it but they are not dimmable. They would cause an annoying buzzing sound and so we hardly ever used the light. I replace those lights with these LED bulbs and they are brighter them the previous lights plus I can now use the dimmer switch to adjust the brightness without hearing that awful buzzing sound.

5 Stars  Less Power - More Light 
These bulbs are great. I have bought 8 packages so far. Every time I have replaced a bulb with one of these, I get more light for less power. Eventually, I will have these throughout my entire house. Thank you Pulsetv.com.

5 Stars  Im laughing as I write this.... 
First, I LOVE these bulbs and this was not my first purchase of them. They are the only ones that actually give off the same color of light that my old regular bulbs did. AND they last and last. Ive had one of them burning continuously for a year and a half in my basement and not a flicker of dimness. Now for the laugh When I saw these go on sale here, I jumped at the chance to stock up. Think about it. They last almost forever and Im still in the old school mode of stocking up. Cracked myself up. Well, Im thrilled with these bulbs but should I inadvertently drop one and break it, then I have plenty on the shelf. Seriously, theyre super D

5 Stars  LED Light Bulbs 
Great value!

5 Stars  Great price for LED lights 
best price Ive found

5 Stars  Fantastic 
Love these light bulbs. Hard to find led bulbs you can dim. They are bright white light thats not hard on the eyes and they dont give off any heat.

5 Stars  Great Bulb Value 
These bulbs are excellent and very price competitive.

5 Stars  Honeywell LED Bulbs 
While LED obviously has a different light and feel from standard light bulbs, these provide enough light, and you do not have the heat like you would have from normal light bulbs. I have them in every room of my home!

5 Stars  light bulbs 
work well

5 Stars  LED Light Bulbs 
Love the price and the brightness from the light.

5 Stars  LED heaven! 
Outstanding light source! Will buy again. They are just as they are advertised but better!

5 Stars  Honeywell Led bulbs 
Great deal. Changed every bulb in my house. Saving money with just the right brightness

3 Stars  Too much yellow not white 
Not good to read by but good for watching TV

5 Stars  Excellent Light Bulbs 
They are very bright.

5 Stars  Honeywell LED bulb 
These light bulbs are fantastic especially for the price

4 Stars  LED bulbs that are white nor blue 
Finally a LED to save money and electricity that has a nice white color for good price.

5 Stars  Lights my World...Cheaply 
Very cost effective and efficient!

5 Stars  Great lightbulbs 
A very nice soft white light.

5 Stars  Quality bulbs 
Just put these in last weekend, so I dont know yet how long theyll last. Hopefully a long time, then theyll be perfect for fixtures that are too high for me to reach comfortably. Nice weight to them, seem to be high quality.

5 Stars  Great bulbs 
These are great and last along time, especially for the price

3 Stars  bulbs to read by 
These bulbs are made very well. heavier than normal. no noise coming from the bulb that usually hear from some. just a 3 rating, I was waiting on the 22 years to see if. that was for real ??????????

5 Stars  LED lightbulbs 
Ive only been able to install one so far, but so far, so good.

5 Stars  LED Bulbs 
Excellent buy

5 Stars  great bulbs 
whats not to like, great bulbs at a great price!

3 Stars  Different form factor 
Good value but bulb is longer than filament bulb and cant attach diffuser shade to fixture. Can not use in intended application. Bulb looks the same as standard but it isnt.

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Another excellent purchase from Pulse.com

5 Stars  great product 
These lights are so much better than the flourescent type that never really got bright enough. But the best part, when taking the box out, it opened up and I dropped all three bulbs on the concrete garage floor and.... they were fine and shining brightly!!

3 Stars  Not as bright 
I thought the bulbs would be brighter than they turned out to be.

5 Stars  Fantastic light! 
These bulbs are very well built compared to others.....they also produce a lot of light

5 Stars  lightbulbs 
This is a tremendous buy...I cant believe how bright these are.

5 Stars  I really like 
I like the bulbs they are as bright as the 75w but lot less heat and energy

5 Stars  Richs first purchase 
Service from order to receipt was outstanding. The product works fine too. I have since made an additional purchase

5 Stars  Perfect 
Great bulbs. I have them all over

5 Stars  Nothing dim about these bulbs! 
These are the exact same bulbs I have spent $15 each for at other places. They are great money savers, bright and clear with no flickering or blinking when turning them on. Buy more than you need, you will wish you did!

5 Stars  bulbs 
excellent! can,t beat the price or quality.

5 Stars  Good color 
The color of the light is warm when dimmed.

5 Stars  Another Winner 
This is one of the best products I have bought from you folks. The value is incredible. I will be ordering again to stock up.

1 Stars  Dim for 60W... 
Disappointing for LED bulbs.

4 Stars  Very nice! 
These lights are very bright. I havent had them very long so I cant testify as to how long they will last.

5 Stars  Led bulbs 
They work great

5 Stars  Led bulbs 
They are great I will be ordering more

Review this item!
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Video: 3 PK Honeywell 60w Equivalent LED Bulb

Made by Honeywell, these aren't just any run of the mill LED Light Bulbs... these are dimmable from 100 percent to 10 percent (must have dimmable light switch and/or fixture).
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