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3 Ft Wall Hanging Christmas Tree with Floor Stand and 50 Pre-Strung LED Lights

3 Ft Wall Hanging Christmas Tree with Floor Stand and 50 Pre-Strung LED Lights

3 Ft Wall Hanging Christmas Tree with Floor Stand and 50 Pre-Strung LED Lights
3 Ft Wall Hanging Christmas Tree with Floor Stand and 50 Pre-Strung LED Lights
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This Wall Christmas Tree is perfect if you're lacking valuable floor space, but still want to enjoy the traditional holiday decor. At 3 feet tall with 50 pre-strung white lights, it's beautiful as is or can be easily decorated with a few ornaments and tinsel.

It's battery operated so no bulky cords or wires hanging down to trip over. Simply insert 3 AA batteries (sorry not included), and tuck the battery compartment between the branches. Features an easy to use on/off switch and timer function. The timer will keep the lights on for 8 hours and turn off after 16 hours.

No assembly needed. This tree comes in 1 piece and is ready to hang but also includes a floor stand for placing anywhere. Flat in the back along with a loop for easy hanging, and full in the front so feel free to add your personal touch and decorate. Can be used indoor or outdoor.

This tree is perfect for apartments, dorms, and tight spaces, and conveniently hangs on any wall, door, or will stand up perfectly in the corner.


- 3 Feet Tall
- Traditional Style
- No Assembly Required
- Battery Operated
- Features a Wall Hanging Hook and Floor Stand
- Mounts Flat Against Any Wall or Door
- 50 Prestrung LED Lights
- Can Hang Ornaments
- Use Indoor or Outdoor
- Great for Apartments, Dorms, and Small Spaces
- Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
- Dimensions: 36" x 19" x 10"

4 Stars  It is different enough to get noticed 
Installation was simple and only took a few minutes. The timer is a real convenience. Neighbors and staff at the Assisted Living facility have commented favorably.

5 Stars  GOOD VALUE 

5 Stars  Love it. 
The small tree is perfect for my tiny apartment. I set it up on my printer at the window. The way it sets makes it look like a whole tree. I dont have to many folks in, so they dont mind how it looks. I think I will enjoy this tree for a long time.

4 Stars  My Christmas tree. 
Didnt get the floor stand but its still a nice decoration for Christmas.

4 Stars  Hanging Tree 
The lights are a little off kilter, but can be arranged well to compensate! Plus, 50 LED lights is not accurate.

4 Stars  Wall Christmas Tree 
I thoroughly enjoy it but wish it had been a bit easier to hang on the wall.

5 Stars  Wall hanging Christmas 
I love this. It can be on the floor or table top. What I wanted was something to hang on the wall without electrical cords. Its battery operated. This is perfect. And as an added benefit, it has a timer so it regularly turned itself on in late afternoon and off in the late evening - your choice of timing. I bought 1 last year. Bought another this year.

4 Stars  3 ft wall hanging Christmas tree 
I bought this tree for next Christmas. I think it has a dual purpose and I like it. I have a limited space in my living room, so I can just set it against the wall.The built in lights are added bonus.

5 Stars  Too late for this year but I got it for next year 
Came last week and my neighbour took it in for me. It came on my monthly shopping trip day. I will take it up and store it for next year in my attic right after the SuperBowl ends, our traditional time to put away the tree and the holiday decorations. I know it will be just what I wanted even if I have yet to unpack the box. Many thanks.

5 Stars  Cute Little Tree 
Our fiber optics Christmas tree stopped working this year, so I bought this little Charlie Brown tree. Its really cute and works fine. Next year, were thinking about hanging it on the front door instead of a wreath.

5 Stars  Great wall tree 
I have so many ornaments that I needed other options to display them and these fit the bill. At this bargain price I ordered 3. One shortcoming was the hanger on the back is its not anchored securely enough and sticks out too much from the wall. On one tree holding heavy ornaments I removed the existing hanger and refashioned one from a coat hanger which has worked well. One tree did arrive without a stand, but since Im using them as wall trees, that wasnt a big deal. The lights are bright, I like the timer feature on the battery box, and the batteries last a good amount of time.

This tree is perfect for a small office. Fits well on a short bookcase and looks great. Enough lights for the size of the tree and the lights are bright.

4 Stars  Just Enough 
For my first Christmas w/o my husband, this tree served the purpose of bringing the Christmas season inside my home. I would suggest either more lights or brighter lights, and to have a switch that makes them twinkle. Otherwise, it was just what I needed.

2 Stars  Hanging Christmas Tree 
Very disappointed with the meager number of lights.

5 Stars  A good product at a good price 
I was originally reluctant to order this product, but I wanted to do something for decorations at Christmas at a cemetery, so I decided to get 2 and lay them flat with the lights on. They were such a good quality product, i then ordered one for the house. The lights are great and burn several days, even when run 24/7. I highly recommend.

3 Stars  Takes up minimal space! 
Son ordered one last year and I liked that it would sit on a coffee table near a wall in a smaller room and still look festive!

4 Stars  Christmas tree 
I love this little treat. I don t put up a big tree anymore and this looks really nice. I can add my own ornaments. I wish it had a few more lights. But I added some myself and it looks wonderful.

5 Stars  Beautiful and a real space saver 
Although I have not yet placed our tree for this 2020 Christmas season, I am anxious to find a rightful place in our home to proclaim the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ and give Him the honor due His birth.

4 Stars  3ft wall tree 
It is a gift for a college student in the family.

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This Wall Christmas Tree is perfect if you're lacking valuable floor space, but still want to enjoy the traditional holiday decor.
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