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29pc Flattop Grill and Griddle BBQ Accessory Kit

29pc Flattop Grill and Griddle BBQ Accessory Kit

29pc Flattop Grill and Griddle BBQ Accessory Kit
29pc Flattop Grill and Griddle BBQ Accessory Kit
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This professional-grade griddle accessories set will make you a true grilling master with everything you need in one convenient bundle! Every piece included in this set is heavy duty, and makes outdoor grilling, indoor cooking, or using a flattop (like a Blackstone Griddle) a breeze.

Premium Griddle Set Contains:

  • 4in Wide Angled Short Spatula
  • 2.8in Wide Spatula (Long Handle)
  • 2.8in Wide Slotted Spatula (Long Handle)
  • 3.2in Wide Slotted Fish Turner
  • 6.5in Blade Knife
  • 11.5in Basting Cover Metal Dome with Handle
  • 100 Bamboo Skewers
  • Grill Scraper Brush Pad
  • Polyester Kitchen Apron
  • 2 Circle Egg Rings
  • 2 Heart-Shaped Egg Rings
  • 8.19in Long Silicone Brushes
  • 2 Plastic Squeeze Bottles
  • 6in Wide Scraper/Scooper with Inch Measurements
  • 13.31in BBQ Fork
  • 12in Silicone Grill Tongs
  • 10 Hanging Hooks
  • Zippered Nylon Storage Tote

All the spatulas are made of durable stainless steel with durable and ergonomic ABS handles that resist heat. They'll make scooping, chopping, and scraping a breeze. The long handled spatulas are especially helpful, whether you're turning over a juicy burger or mixing up some restaurant-quality stir fry.

This premium set includes great extras like a set of squeeze bottles - add anything from oil, seasoned vinegar, or water to quickly dispense. The scraper/scooper is great for cleaning the flattop, and transporting chopped ingredients. A set of hanging hooks keeps you organized out at the grill or use these in the kitchen. It even has an Apron!

You'll also love the metal basting dome - cover anything to quickly melt cheese, steam veggies, and keep food warm. By placing it over the flattop while it cooks, you'll create a pocket of hot air like an oven: this will cut your cooking time significantly! The dome alone can sell for up to $22... so it's nice that they have it in this set.

Most of the utensils can be bundled together in a zippered nylon bag, making this a fantastic accessory to have for spring and summer grilling season. It makes a fantastic gift for anyone with a flattop or regular grill, campers, home chefs and BBQ masters!


  • 29pc Grill and Griddle Set Has Everything You Need
  • A Must-Have for BBQ Season
  • High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel Tools with Hanging Holes
  • Durable and Textured ABS Handles are Heat-Resistant
  • Silicone Brush is Easy to Clean, Don't "Shed" When Applying Sauces
  • Makes a Fantastic Gift
  • More Unique Items Like Egg Molds and Basting Cover Included
  • Everything is Dishwasher Safe
  • Packed Bag Dimensions: 5.12in x 14.96in x 4.33in

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