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24pk Safeguard Furniture Socks For Chairs, Couches, Tables, And More

24pk Safeguard Furniture Socks For Chairs, Couches, Tables, And More

24pk Safeguard Furniture Socks For Chairs, Couches, Tables, And More
24pk Safeguard Furniture Socks For Chairs, Couches, Tables, And More
Your Price: $3.91
Compare at: $16.99  (76% off)

What's The Best Way To Protect My Floors?

It's finally easy to protect your expensive floors from scrapes, gouges, and tears with this 24-pack of Furniture Socks. It fits on most chairs or stools and also works with many tables and couches. Plus, just like the socks on your feet, these install in seconds by easily sliding onto each of your furniture's feet. It can even fit on round or square feet up to two inches wide.

Another great benefit of these socks is the soft style bottom has anti-slip properties so anything you install them on becomes much safer. And no matter where you use them, the neutral brown color will blend in with all of your decor. In most cases it even makes a nice accent to your furniture.

If you want to change your furniture around... no worries! These are strong enough to be used over and over again. You can also hand-wash them.


- Protects Wood, Vinyl, and Laminate Floors
- Fits Round Or Square Feet Up To 2" Wide
- 24pk Covers 6 Four-legged Furniture Pieces
- Installs In Seconds
- Great For Chairs, Stools, Tables, Couches, And More
- Strong And Durable Fabric Lasts For Years
- Reusable And Hand-Washable
- Neutral Color Works With Any Decor
- Gives Furniture Nice Accented Look
- Dimensions:2.5" X 1.5"

4 Stars  furniture socks 
work quite well would like in darker brown or lighter colors

4 Stars  Theyre okay. 
I was hoping they would glide across the floor a little more easily. They have a little friction at times. But they do work and thats what matters.

5 Stars  They work! 
These were easy to put on, they look fine, and they work great!

3 Stars  They work but are funky looking 
These socks adapt to a variety of leg sizes and shapes, but they look weird, especially if the leg is not brown.

5 Stars  Perfect! 
I have tried multiple covers and pads under my kitchen chairs and none of them have worked for very long or just didnt fit right. These furniture socks are the best. They actually fit and my chairs slide nicely on my wooden floor. Wish I would have seen these sooner. They are GREAT!

4 Stars  These work fine, but my wife objects to the color 
These socks replace stick-on furniture pads that keep popping off our black chairs. They work fine. The color is off-putting however, according to my design conscious spouse. Maybe these could be offered in different colors?

5 Stars  Great idea 
Love the socks! They stay on much better than the stick ons.

5 Stars  No more sticky chairs 
We renewed the sliders on our oak chairs but they didnt perform like the previous sliders and were sticky on the tile floor. So it was a pain to sit in then and move to the table. The furniture socks were advertised just-in-time. They have solved the sticky problem perfectly.

5 Stars  Nice, little socks 
Easy to install and I know these will protect my hardwood floors.

5 Stars  Chair socks 
Work great. Chairs slide smooth

5 Stars  Protect wood floors 
These worked great. They don t slide off and don t look bad.

5 Stars  These are great!!! 
We tried Ruby sliders but they did not work on our kitchen chairs ---sliders were too big. But, these are like your own socks---they slide on and fit perfectly!

5 Stars  Safeguard Furniture Socks 
I am happy with these socks.. They work very well on my wood floor.

5 Stars  Easy to put on 
I love these! They stretch, making them easy to get on and they do a great job of protecting my wooden floors.

5 Stars  They Fit 
These covers fit my folding chairs and protect my wood floors. The other vinyl ones on the market are too big and dont stay on.

5 Stars  No more scratched floors! 
We have hardwood floors in our vacation home and before we hated to move furniture because it scratched the floors. Now with these socks - no more scratched floors!

5 Stars  Chair Socks 
I have new flooring and put these socks on the legs of my chairs. Works great

5 Stars  Saving my wood floors 
They work great to protect our floors. And it makes moving chairs a lot quieter. I m going to be ordering more of them

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