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24 Hour Digital Timer
24 Hour Digital Timer
24 Hour Digital Timer
24 Hour Digital Timer
24 Hour Digital Timer

24 Hour Digital Timer

24 Hour Digital Timer

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Turn your indoor lamps, appliances or holiday lights on and off automatically with the 24 Hour Digital Timer. If you use it the same time every day there is no need to constantly turn a device on and off. This digital timer takes the task out of your hands.

Just plug it in.

The Digital Timer plugs right into your wall socket where the built-in backup battery will charge itself in 30 minutes or so. Then it is a simple matter of setting the time and whatever 'On' and 'Off' schedule you choose using the simple 4 button controls. The 24 hour repeating cycle turns outlets on and off at the same time daily.

IMPORTANT SECURITY MEASURE: If you are going to be out of the house or apartment for an extended period, the Digital Timer will turn your lights on at your normal time, so any casual observer will never know you're not home!

For indoor use only.

Features & Benefits:
- Turn lights and appliances on and off automatically
- 24 hour repeating cycle
- Manual override button
- Backup battery included
- Important security measure for when you're away from home
- Random function will turn devices on and off randomly
- 125 volt
- For indoor use only

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