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2-in-1 Universal Drain Stopper and Strainer

2-in-1 Universal Drain Stopper and Strainer

2-in-1 Universal Drain Stopper and Strainer
2-in-1 Universal Drain Stopper and Strainer
Your Price: $5.99
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Upgrade Your Sink Strainer

The 2-in-1 Stopper and Strainer is the answer to your sink and bathtub problems!

This soft and flexible household MUST-HAVE fit in any drain, and acts as both a drain strainer, and stopper.


Simply press on the center cap to use as a drain filter. Letting water through but filtering large debris from entering your drain. Push down on the upturned edges to use as a drain plug, providing a seal for your drain.

It is perfect for bathroom and kitchen sinks, as well as bathtub or laundry drains.


- Colors May Vary
- Made of Flexible Silicone
- Performs Dual Functions: Drain Filter / Drain Plug
- Drain Plug: Strong Suction Provides Excellent Seal
- Drain Filter: Holes Are Added To Speed Up Drainage While Trapping Debris
- Easy Clean-up
- Prevents Odors
- Leak Proof
- Prevents Debris Clogging Your Drain
- Easily Stops Water
- Fits Over 1.5" to 3.75" Drain Holes
- Great For Bath Tub, Kitchen Sink, Floor Drain, and Laundry Sinks

3 Stars  Does the job .... but 
I bought it specifically for the bathtub and hair ... it really clogs too quickly compared to others Ive used in the past.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Works like a charm....perfect fit

1 Stars  Light Weight 
Too light weight doesnt work very well. Not recommended.

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