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2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture
2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture

2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture

2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture

Your Price: $4.99
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Sold Out
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Stop the Stink and Smell Well...

Plain and simple these SmellWell pouches are one of the most effective ways to eliminate even the toughest of odors all the while it is absorbing moisture.

How It Works:
One of the main components of SmellWell is activated carbon, which has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way of cleaning and filtering both water and air.

Using activated carbon made of bamboo is even better as it has a very large surface area that allows it to effectively absorb and neutralize bad smell, but also absorbs moisture.

Other materials in SmellWell consist of salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties, which also allows them to absorb moisture. Great for musty, sweaty smells!

All of this is enclosed in a non-woven inner bag that acts as a membrane by holding in all the components but allowing the moisture and stink to be absorbed and trapped into the bag.

Our Super Deal:
The good folks at SmellWell (a Swedish company) really messed up when it came to marketing and packaging. They are going through an entire re-branding and re-packaging program to emphasize the many, many ways this can be used.

This means... A Super Low Price To YOU! A 2-pack retails for $9.99 but you can get it for just $4.99 or even less when you buy more.

Stock up! In one overnight you will notice the difference. Use them anywhere... freshen up your closet, drawers, gym bag, locker, dorm room, gloves, house, suit cases, any kind of shoes and even your car.

- Absorbs moisture and eliminates odors
- Prevents Bacterial Growth
- Works 24/7 for up to 6 months
- Non-Toxic: All Natural
- Contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal
- Proprietary Blend of Mineral and Absorbents
- Infused with Clean, Fresh Scent
- Microfiber Cover Outer Cover
- Non-Woven Inner Pouch For Maximum Moisture Control
- Six different designs, all with the same fresh scent (No Choice Available)
- 100% natural - no antimicrobial agents, phthalates or biocides

Review this item!

5 Stars  smells great 
The smellwell pouches I bought are great for putting them in my shoes. I used to use spray, but it didnt really hide the odor. These pouches do and they smell good!

4 Stars  Smellwell 
Good stuff

4 Stars  Work great 
My grandkids are in sports and use them in their bags and shoes and say they work good.

3 Stars  Smellwell 
I thought they would smell stronger, not doing what it said it would do in my gym bag.

5 Stars  SmellWell pouches 
These pouches are remarkable...easy to use, do the job...just came from a vacation to Key West and these pouches worked like a charm to keep sneaker odor at bay after long, sweaty walks in LaLa land..

5 Stars  The Stink is Gone 
I put these in my locker at work and it took the smell away. Its nice to open the locker that smells like flowers. Thanks for another great product and as always, love the price!

3 Stars  Guess that they work, hard to tell. 
Put these in cars and closets. Hard to tell if they work, because they remove odors. Would there have been an odor without them?? Hard to say. Dont have any scent, so cant tell if they are actually doing anything.

5 Stars  They Work 
These really do work. This is my second order.

4 Stars  SmellWell pouches 
These work well. Will need to order more. I didnt give a 5 star rating since Ive just started using them and not sure how long they will last, but I am pleased with the results so far.

5 Stars  very useful 
I put these in my shoes, they really do a great job.

5 Stars  pouches 
does a good job on odors.

5 Stars  SmellWell Works! 
I use the SmellWell Pouches in drawers and in my shoes, even sandels. I have some expensive sandels that smell after Ive worn them. I even called the manufactorer to complaint about them. They recommended that I scrub them with soapy water and then let them air dry. That works for a few wearings and then they need it again. Putting the pouches in each shoe in their boxes eliminates the odor. I love the sandels, but whatever they are made of makes my feet sweat and then the shoes stink-- now, no more with the SmellWell Pouches.

1 Stars  It did not work as expected 
When I read through the complete description I was under the impression this would work for smells in small places beyond shoes. I gave it a try to reduce smells in my car from smoking but I saw no results. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

5 Stars  Gets Rid Of The Stink! 
I have had a horse for most of my 71 years and I always have a problem with my barn shoes smelling--especially in the Summer. Putting SmellWell pouches in my shoes at the end of the day absolutely takes away the smell. Ive used sprays, powders, dryer sheets, etc. and nothing is as easy or as effective as SmellWell pouches.

4 Stars  I like the Smell Well Pouches. 
These have been satisfactory and I re-ordered them. As soon as I open my closet door, I catch a whiff of that pleasant smell. I use them mostly in my shoes.

2 Stars  Smell Well Pouch 
Not that great Cant smell a thing unless you put them up to your nose I put 3 in my closet Didnt do a thing My Grandson likes them so I ordered some more just for him

3 Stars  AROMA 
The smell-well pouches do have a very pleasant aroma...they do not last very long though.

5 Stars  Smell well 
These things are great I have them in all my clogs. They keep the shoes with fuzzy lining dry and I dont have to wash them all the time. Plus they have nice scent, not overwhelming like some sprays. There Great!

3 Stars  Smell Well 
Not to bad Good for small spaces and small items I put 3 in my kitchen and I can smell them working

5 Stars  Great boot de stinkers!!! 
These pouches did their job!! Removed the odor from my granddaughters boots.

5 Stars  2-Pack SmellWell Pouches 
I Love these pouches! I have other more expensive pouches and these are way better. They started working right away. My husband walked by the main bathroom and said what smells so good in here? We live in Florida and have had a musty smell in certain places and the more expensive pouches have been doing a good job but they do not have the nice smell that these have. I have told our friends about these so there will probably be a surge of orders coming in. Thanks for having these!

5 Stars  These really work! 
I bought these because my sons snowboarding boots and gloves smell so awful due to his sweating in them! We tried one in each of these items and the smell is gone! I am so happy now I can stand to have these items in the car on the way home!

4 Stars  Works great! 
Works great for about 2 to 3 weeks. Still takes the moisture out for about 4 weeks! Will not last for 6 weeks for shoes. However they may last longer for other applications.

5 Stars  Wonderfully Refreshing.....! 
I purchased four 4 sets of SmellWell Pouches last summer and I have been extremely pleased with how well they work. I wonder if Reviewer,No Satisfication followed the directions?.....2 Stars is extremely harsh and unfair.

5 Stars  Smell well 
These things are perfect they absorb the moisture in my fuzz filled clogs and keeps them smelling great. PERFECT

4 Stars  smells nice 
I put 2 of these pouches in a cupboard that smelled sour from silicone used to hold in glass panels. It was a good idea!!

5 Stars  Stinky shoes - NO MORE 
I love these. My husband always wear leather boat shoes with NO socks. Peewhew!!! Anyway, these have helped so much. I bought several for future use. I even put them in my tennis show. Glad I bought these.

5 Stars  This really works! 
Used them on our boat which gets musty and it worked.

4 Stars  Smells Nice 
I am using these everywhere and I like the smell, it does help.

5 Stars  Rating 
I keep this product in my shoes. Since I am a Cook II, its great not to worry about how my shoes will smell the next day. Thanks

5 Stars  Cooling and no odors 
Since Ive got these pouches I use them all the time. I put them right into my shoes after Ive put the shoes off. And when I put on these shoes again I get a fresh feeling as I would just have washed my feet. The scent is nice, not too overwhelming.

4 Stars  SmellWell Pouches 
I have placed them around the house and they seem to be working quite well. I have not tried putting them into my shoes, yet.

4 Stars  SmellWell Pouches 
I have a horse and in the Summertime my leather riding boots smell awful inside. Ive tried all sorts of products. SmellWell Pouches worked as soon as I put them in my boots. Wonderful product and really works.

2 Stars  Smell just ok 
I was so excited about this product I bought 10 of these, hoping to fill my car, closet and shoes with a light fragrance. I was very disappointed...Yes, they smell, but do not emit a fragrance you can smell unless youve got the bag up to your nose. I put them in my workout shoes, for that theyre ok, otherwise, dont bother. Ive got 2 in my car and cannot tell theyre in there. Im only keeping them because Im not paying shipping to send them back...waste of money!

2 Stars  No satisfication 
Im glad I didnt pay much for them because I really didnt notice any improvement with their usage.

4 Stars  good product 
Put it in my truck and it immediately went to work helping it smell better. It got rid of the lived in smell and left a pleasant light non perfume type smell

5 Stars  Really works !!! 
So glad I found the smellwell pouches. Worked great in my guys vehicles ! I also put one in each closet. Get some if you can.

1 Stars  Does NOT remove odors 
I couldnt wait to get these. Once I did what a BIG disappointment! They did nothing to get rid of odor. I was going to return them but I already paid to have them shipped to me & I wasnt going to po aay to return. I learned everything you see or hear isnt always true. Very disappointed in this purchase.

Review this item!
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Video: 2-Pack of SmellWell Pouches - Eliminates Odors and Moisture

Plain and simple these SmellWell pouches are one of the most effective ways to eliminate even the toughest of odors all the while it is absorbing moisture.
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