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2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats
2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats

2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats

2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats

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These versatile oven mats allow you to bake and grill with minimal cleanup.

No more parchment paper or aluminum foil, use these liners on baking sheets, pans, stoves, grills and more. Plus they are washable (dishwasher safe) and can be used over and over and OVER again!

They're great for veggies and fish not to mention how moist your barbecue ribs and chicken will be because the sauces don't drip off.

Multi-Function: These are great for baking cookies, pizza, no fat fries and more!

Easy to clean: The non-stick surface means even the messiest of sauces wipes clean. Wash with soap and water or throw them in the dishwasher.

Safe to use: These liners/mats are FDA approved and PFOA-free. We do want to point out that it uses PTFE so these should not be used if you have Pet Birds.

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees so you can bake or cook just about anything.

There are many liner/mats on the market, but these are Jumbo Sized and almost 25% bigger than the average ones. You can cut them to any size you want too. This 2-pack is bigger than most on the market at a price that is considerably less.

- You get TWO
- Premium Quality
- FDA Approved
- Made with Durable Layers of PTFE Teflon
- Completely Non Stick
- Reusable, Never Buy Parchment Paper Again
- Makes Cleanup Easy
- Dishwasher Safe
- Keeps Bottom of Oven Clean
- Use in Heat up to 500 degrees
- Can Be Trimmed For Desired Size
- Perfect for Ovens, Toaster Ovens, Cooking Sheets and more
- Stops food from falling through the grates
- Reduces flare ups when grilling
- Manufacturer LIFETIME Warranty
- Dimensions: 19.7in x 15.7in

Warning: Do not use if you have Pet Birds. PTFE has been known to be toxic if excessive overheating occurs.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Outstanding 
Best mat Ive ever used.

5 Stars  These work great 
I tend to be a messy cook and I couldn t live without these mats!

5 Stars  Copper grill mat 
Works really well in allowing the heat to come through without the flames. The only real drawback is that the oil/grease/liquid from what you are cooking does not drain either and it has to be cleaned off in a sink after using.

5 Stars  Copper oven/grill mats 
I use these mats in the oven on bottom rack to keep oven clean from drips. Its VERY easy to clean. Can be used on grill as well

5 Stars  copper grill mats 
Great. Makes clean-up a lot easier.

5 Stars  Wow 
These are great. Nothing drips thru and I get real grilling

5 Stars  The best nonstick product ever. 
I absolutely love my copper oven/grill mats. They make my life much easier. Nothing sticks to it, and it washes and cleans up in a jiffy. No scrubbing and ready to go for the next meal.

5 Stars  I already had this. I bought more for gifts. 
I use these mainly for veggies on the grill. Sometimes I do grilled pineapple slices with teriyaki glaze and brown sugar. That makes a mess but it comes off with a soak. With such a good price I bought more for gifts.

5 Stars  Great mats for nonstick cooking 
I used these for baking coated pork chops...no sticking! They wash easily and make cooking so much easier. I highly recommend these!

5 Stars  Better than Expected 
I have used just about all the grill mats I could find, but none of them compare to these. They are a breeze to clean up after using themJust wiped off Recommend them!

4 Stars  Copper oven mat 
I cut it to size to fit my air fryer. It does fine catching the drips. I can take it out and wipe it clean easily. Im satisfied with this purchase.

5 Stars  Great oven liners 
Used these immediately and we are completely satisfied! Highly recommended!

2 Stars  Thin and absorb grease 
I got these hoping to stop using aluminum foil when I bake things like fish or chicken. Used it tonight for salmon and grease soaked right through the mat and the grease marks did not come out of the mat when I washed it. They are VERY thin and so far I am not impressed. Will try with a few other items before making a final decision. They ARE jumbo size and they are easy to trim to size.

they work great !!!!

5 Stars  THANK YOU! 
I want to say THANK YOU for including in your description that they are harmful to pet birds! I learned the hard way from another product which did not put that info in their description. I have no doubt I would like these oven mats, but I have pet birds, therefore could not use them. However, I praise you for your honesty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

1 Stars  Not worth it 
To hard to clean.. Yes, even following instructions..

5 Stars  Copper Oven Mats 
Best thing ever invented to take the work out of constantly having to clean the grill. Just wash the mat.

5 Stars  Loved it 
What can I say ! No need to clean the grill after hanburgers OR brats

5 Stars  works well! 
Works as advertised. Good work!

5 Stars  large size 
this product has always been welcome addition for grilling, or BBQ now there is a large enough size for your oven

5 Stars  I have used these before and liked them! 
I have use these in my oven for years ! Helps me keep it clean.

Review this item!
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Video: 2-PK of Jumbo-Sized Copper Oven/Grill Mats

These versatile oven/grill mats allow you to grill, bake and more with minimal cleanup.
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