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12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More
12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More

12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More

12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More

Your Price: $9.99
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Sold Out
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Add a shelf on top of any flat screen TV set or monitor! Once added, you'll have a convenient spot for all your accessories and keep electronic wires organized.

No installation or tools required: the single pivoting arm swings in place to provide a flat and sturdy surface. Use the included rubber mat to keep your items from sliding around.

It's a great way to mount all your additional electronics and TV accessories like an antenna, remote controls, media boxes like Roku, wireless speakers, and game controllers. It's an extra convenient place to store a handful of favorite DVDs, picture frames or other decorations.

Outside of the living room, you can use this in the office right on top of your computer monitor - use your USB accessories like a desk fan, webcam, notebooks and office supplies, and succulent plants.

Features & Benefits:
- Adds A Shelf for Convenient Storage
- Made for Flat Screen TVs of All Sizes
- Works on Flat Screen Computer Monitors
- Anti-Vibration, Nonslip Mat Included
- Made of High-Impact Polycarbonate
- Built-in Vent Slots for Air Flow
- Easy Setup: No Tools Required
- Perfect Spot for Media Boxes, Game Controllers, DVDs, Remotes, Decorations, Speakers and More
- Recommended Weight: Not to Exceed 10lbs
- Aprox. Dimensions: 11.75in x 5in x 1.125in

Review this item!

5 Stars  add a shelf TV topper 
Very easy to mount on TV.

5 Stars  I love it 
I bought two shelves one is on the tv downstairs it has a sound bars on it and the one upstairs has a plant on it I think I will get one for work to put my small fan on! They free up space

5 Stars  Great items 
I have purchased 3 so far. They are great for displaying items . They work great on all my flat screen TVs. Thanks so much for this item, it helped a lot!!!

5 Stars  Works well 
I ordered 2 of these t.v. shelfs to try it out.They work great just like the video.Even have a rubber matting so pictures or items dont slide off or around.Great product so i ordered 2 more to complete my lg t.v. in the living room.Going to order more for bedroom t.v.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Handy Little shelf. Easy to install and secure secure

5 Stars  great idea 
Just what I needed to display a model .

5 Stars  Love these 
I have bought several of these as they are the perfect small shelf for a TV.

1 Stars  The shelf doesnt work with thin screens 
The shelf will not attach tight enough with thin monitors to enable the shelf to be horizontal.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Works great!

5 Stars  great helper 
fits both computer screens and large TVs

5 Stars  Works fine 
Just what I thought it would be and easy to set up.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Wonderful product. Antenna on this shelf increases reception.

5 Stars  Perfect shelf 
A neat little shelf that holds our Sound Bar!

5 Stars  The perfect shelf 
I have a dual monitor set-up as I work from home. I bought two of them. I have my wireless headset, extra glass and my USB fan sitting on them. It clears up my desk greatly. I dont think youll be disappointed

5 Stars  space 
I used one for my gaming tv and my wife uses the other two for her bedroom tv pictures and clock on top

5 Stars  Love these 
These are great! Easy to adjust and so convenient to keep remotes and other items handy without having to search for them.

5 Stars  Works great 
Easy setup. Sturdy enough to hold small cable box and remotes at same time.

5 Stars  Shelf topper 
This unit works as advertised. Its holding my speaker very well.

5 Stars  Very handy! 
I use it on top of my computer for things that I have to address. I have a letter holder on it and that is where I put bills that need to be paid or reminders of birthdays. Love it and thinking of getting another one for the top of my small TV.

5 Stars  12 inch Add-A-Shelf TV Topper 
Have been looking for a product like this for a while. Was so pleased when I found it on PulseTV.Com. Easy to install and frees up space on my TV stand. The price was very affordable. It arrived promptly. LOVE IT. Description was accurate.

5 Stars  Extra storage space 
Im a clutterer, always looking for additional space. This shelf is small but holds my calculator and a couple other small items giving me a little more space on my desk

5 Stars  top shelf 
placed it on my computer monitor with glasses and etc.

5 Stars  Great addition to my monitor 
Perfect answer for putting my webcam in correct position for Zoom meetings.

4 Stars  Great idea 
perfect fit, top of monitor speakers out of my way

5 Stars  Sturdy 
I really like these things. I live in a small house and space is limited so I have one on my flat screen TV and another on my computer monitor. Very handy storage platforms or for knick knacks. Much sturdier than I thought they would be. Ill probably get a couple more and make a whole shelf on top of the television. Not a bad price either.

5 Stars  perfect for using the top of your TV again ?!?!? 
strong plastic, easy to put there ?!?!? I always used the top of my TVs to hold things, like the cable box, photos .... NOW with the skinny TVs, it is hard to do !??!?!? so this little shelf is PERFECT !??!?!?!?!??

5 Stars  Just as expected 
All items ordered were recvd in working condition and perform as advertised. Never a disappointment with Pulse TV

5 Stars  TV Shelf 
Great product!! Easy to install! Works great!! This is my 2nd one.

5 Stars  Fantastic! 
I love everything I buy in here but this was one of the best! I could actually use 2 on top of my 50 tv. I put my U-verse box on it now its not under the tv. My tv is hung on the wall now so I could use another one for something decorative on top of the tv! It was the simplest thing to put on and its sturdy! Love it!

5 Stars  Exactly what I wanted 
Ive wanted 1 of these for awhile, but the price in stores was more than I wanted to pay. I got 1 for my tv and 1 for my moms. Its perfect!

5 Stars  Works really well 
This worked really well, easy to set up and stable.

5 Stars  Shelf TV Topper, Made good and strong! 
I put my set top box on it, which is much larger than the shelf! No problem! it overhangs the shelf by about 2 to 3 inches front and back, and like I said, no problem! I bought two shelf units for other items I had to save space for! Did I say, No Problem! Two TV shelf units will fit atop a 32 inch TV! No Problem!

5 Stars  12 inch add a shelf TV topper 
Works well. A bit small but works for what I need.

5 Stars  Great product! 
They work great and I have them on top of my big screen tv with my sound bar on it.

5 Stars  Useful Buy 
Very handy device, easy to install.

5 Stars  very good 
I bought 2 of these. You could probably use more depending on how large of a tv you have. My wife has a place to sit some of her stuff. I have my Roku on one of them. The shelve works very well.

5 Stars  Great 12 in Add-A-Shelf TV Toppers 
This is ideal to add space needed for Big Screen TVs. I ordered extras for all my Computer Monitors and other devices that benefited. It is sturdy once you get the brace in place and it is very easy to install.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I bought this thinking it would be really cheap, but its sturdier than I expected. I put my sound bar on it and I couldnt believe how much better it sounds on top of my tv rather then below it.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Just what ii was lookig for

5 Stars  Almost Disappears on top of TV. 
Doesnt stand out and take away from TV.

5 Stars  add a shelf tv topper 
Excellent...I was so happy with this item that I ordered a second one. LOVE IT!

4 Stars  shelf tv topper 
its not bad at all!

5 Stars  DVDs on top and right up front 
Back in the day, things were stored on top the TV. We have two, end to end with DVDs displayed. Top edge of TV is narrow and these 12in Add-A-Shelf TV Toppers are amazingly stabile and the sure grip mats that come with the shelves make sure things stay put. We added book ends to maximize DVD spline readability and storage.

5 Stars  TV Shelf 
This works great, will hold my cable box and remotes.

5 Stars  looks great 
fits well and much needed space now available by TV

4 Stars  Good 

5 Stars  I Placed My Sound bar On It 
It works exactly the way the advertisement said it would. Until now, there wasnt a real good place to put the 18 soundbar. Now, it sits on the tv shelf and also helps to keep the cables behind the tv and not dangling down.

5 Stars  Love it! 
This is a great product I just love it, thank you so much

5 Stars  works great 
easy to install is barely visible,great for wall mounted TVs

5 Stars  Great Purchase 
We purchased an HD antenna from Pulse TV. After scanning channels, we only received 3, so we decided to also purchase the shelf TV Topper. Once we moved the antenna to the shelf on top of the TV we now receive more channels and the reception is much better.

5 Stars  Great tv accessories 
The shelf for the top of a flatscreen tv was a fantastic addition. It got the cable box in plain sight and up where the remote is usually pointed. I only wish it was a little larger. Extremely easy to install. For larger tvs, would suggest buying two and installing them side by side.

5 Stars  Easy to install 

5 Stars  Excellent Instant Shelf 
It works perfectly. Now I always know where the remote, keys and wallet are. My only regret is that I only purchased 1. Great sale price. A super bargain at $9.99.

5 Stars  Great product 
This shelf was easy to attach and holds my heavy clock. Its not large, but big enough for a picture or two or some nicknacks.

3 Stars  Nice idea 
Its a great idea just doesnt work on a PCMonitor had to make a adapter for it but now it works. Gave me a place to put speakers and clock.

5 Stars  TV TRAY 
I have two on my front room tv and one on my kitchen tv. they are great, easy to put on and take off. I have antennas on them. very handy for other things too.

5 Stars  Works perfectly 
Exactly what it claims to be, and very practical.

5 Stars  tv tray 
well pleased with the stand above my t.v. for setting somethng on, for example an antenna. easy on easy off.

5 Stars  Great idea 
The only thing I have hated about flat screen tvs since they came out was no place to put anything, this solves that. You can use 1 or 2 and keep you remotes and cable box, simple idea. I love it.

5 Stars  Perfect for streamimg player 
Bought one now may buy more. Put my Nvidia shield anda 1TB hard drive on and it works great

5 Stars  LOVE THESE!! 
These little shelves are fantastic! I have one on each of my TVs, my computer screens at home and at work. They are very easy to set up, they are stable and I think theyd make a great gift for a co-worker when you dont know what to get or dont want to spend a lot of money. I bought 5, and I think Ill buy some more!!

I use wireless headphones with my TV. When the transmitter sits on the low table in front of the TV I often get interference. Now the transmitter sits on top of the set and the sound is crystal clear. The shelf works exactly as advertised and it blends nicely with the black frame of the TV.

Review this item!
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Video: 12in Add-A-Shelf TV Topper: Mount Speakers, Controllers, Media Boxes and More

Add a shelf on top of any flat screen TV set or monitor! Once added, you'll have a convenient spot for all your accessories and keep electronic wires organized. No installation or tools needed!
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