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12V DC to USB Port Keychain 4-Pack

12V DC to USB Port Keychain 4-Pack

12V DC to USB Port Keychain 4-Pack
12V DC to USB Port Keychain 4-Pack
Your Price: $1.99
Compare at: $7.99  (75% off)

When you're in your car and need a USB port or an extra one, this device sure comes in handy. It will harness the power of your 12V DC port to give you the power needed to charge anything and everything you need. From hi-powered iPads or tablets to your cell phone, this has got you covered.

Because one is never enough, we are giving you a four-pack to cover all your cars. These also will work in many boats and vehicle jump boxes. It's also made to be super-portable, it folds up to fit in your pocket or glove box and even has a keychain on it.


- You Get A Four Pack
- Converts Any 12V DC Port To USB
- Hi-Speed Charging Capable
- Foldable and Portable
- Charges Phones, iPads, And More
- Includes Keychain
- Dimensions: 2.5" X 0.75" X 0.5"

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