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11-Piece Deluxe Car Accessory Kit

11-Piece Deluxe Car Accessory Kit

11-Piece Deluxe Car Accessory Kit
11-Piece Deluxe Car Accessory Kit
Your Price: $19.99
Compare at: $87.99  (77% off)

Get More For Your Money With A Car Accessory Kit

The 11-Piece Deluxe Car Accessory Kit has many of our popular automotive items designed to help organize and keep you safe while on the road. The kit items have been specially picked to give you the most value while saving you a bunch of money. If fact just one of the items on the kit cost more than the entire kit! There is a limited number of kits available so grab them while you can. Colors may vary.

(1) 800 Lumen Rechargeable Do It All Light: This best-selling flashlight has seven modes including a red light to protect your night vision and a flashing emergency mode. It also comes with a tripod and has magnets to ensure easy hands-free operation.

(2) DC 1-AMP USB Adapter Plugs: With these adapters you can charge your important devices like phones, earbuds, and more right from your car's DC port. Plus you get two of them, so you can put one in another car or give one to a friend.

(1) Car Net Pocket Organizer: This is another one of our automotive best-sellers! Almost 16 inches wide and 10 inches tall, it's large enough to hold your large items like a purse, lunch bag, laptop, and much more. It also has 3 extra side pocks to hold more of your everyday items. This is perfect for busy parents or people who work from their car.

(1) Sunglass Visor Organizer by Rubbermaid: Keep all of your driving essentials within easy reach. The left side features an elastic cross-hatch grid that holds smaller items such as pens, pencils, keys, and more. The right side offers a soft-lined pouch large enough to hold a cell phone or sunglasses, plus it prevents scratching

(2) Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror: These are a must-have item for people who drive in rush hour or congested areas. The mirror attaches right to your side mirror allowing you to easily see your blind spot. You will get two mirrors to cover both sides of the car.

(4) Door Bumper Guards: This set of four bumper guards will protect your door from dents and scratches from uncaring motorists who park too close to you.

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