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10 Piece Cell Phone Accessory Kit

10 Piece Cell Phone Accessory Kit

10 Piece Cell Phone Accessory Kit
10 Piece Cell Phone Accessory Kit
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $14.99  (66% off)

It was hard to convince the bosses to do this, but we have combined NINE whole products into one big MEGA BUNDLE for your phone. This will ensure you have everything you need when it comes to charging, browsing, and storage!

Here's what you'll get:

Adhesive Phone Wallet:

Attach this silicone storage pocket to your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices. Keep credit cards, cash, ID and more with you and only carry your phone instead of a bulky wallet or bag.

You'll find a restickable 3M adhesive to attach it to smooth surfaces and it won't leave any sticky residue!

Adjustable Phone Stand w/ Built-In Flashlight, Tape Measure, and Stylus:

This supportive stand props your phone up at 4 convenient angles so you can keep an eye out for texts, take conference calls, watch videos, or search the web.

It includes a bright flashlight, a 1.5" stylus, and a 40" tape measure. When you're done using it, quickly and easily fold it flat so you can store and take it anywhere.

Note: while the flashlight's batteries are already pre-installed, we've noticed a few of them stopped working and would need 3 replacement AG3 batteries (not included). Available in Blue, Red or Black (Sorry - NO COLOR CHOICE)

Kikkerland Tidy Table Clips:

Using the 3M tape at the bottom, simply place this where you want to keep your cords/cables organized and easy to reach.

Each clip has two slots to accommodate any size cord. Place one of these on a desk, night stand, entertainment center, shelves and more to keep your jungle of cords tidy.

Lens Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth Combo:

If your glasses or the screen on your electronic devices are looking a little rough, clean them up with the 1oz Bottle of Lens Cleaner w/ Cloth.

Use the 1oz cleaning spray, along with the microfiber cloth, to wipe away those unsightly fingerprints and smudges to keep things crystal clear.

42 Inch Universal Selfie Stick:

Capturing those special moments is important. But when your arm isn't long enough to include everyone in the photo, you need a selfie stick.

This selfie stick is compatible with any phone up to 3.5 Inches Wide. Your phone will nestle safely into the padded grip. Simply pull the tab and insert your phone.

Dual USB Cube AC Adapter with Phone Holder:

This adapter features a foldable plug for portability, and a foldable phone cradle that will hold your phone while charging. This keeps it undisturbed and in a safe location while you charge it.

Ring Cell Phone Holder and Phone Stand:

Dropping your phone can lead to a costly repair bill. That's why you need this ring cell phone holder and phone stand. Finally, you can keep a safe grip on your phone with a convenient kick stand.

1 AMP DC USB Adapter Plug

Turn your vehicle's powered DC port into a USB charger with this 1A DC USB Adapter. Easily charge your phone, earbuds, and other electronic devices anytime you're in the car. Now your commute time can be used for charging your items rather than draining them.

Navy Hook and Loop Phone Storage Pocket:

Attach this convenient storage pocket to your mobile phone or other electronic devices. This keeps the pocket closed and its contents secured.

And there's a single storage pocket that's perfect for holding business cards, credit cards, IDs, money, and more. Fits most mobile phones.


  • Everything You Need to Charge, Power, Store, and Browse Your Phone
  • Adhesive Phone Wallet: Consolidate Your Everyday Carry
  • Adjustable Phone Stand w/ Flashlight, Tape Measure, and Stylus: Prop Up Your Phone in the Office or At Home
  • Kikkerland Tidy Table Clips: Tame That Mess of Cords
  • Lens Cleaner w/ Cloth: Eliminate Fingerprints and Grime
  • Selfie Stick: Capture Special Moments
  • Dual USB Cube AC Adapter with Phone Holder: Holds Your Phone While it Charges
  • Ring Cell Phone Holder and Phone Stand: Stop Dropping Your Phone
  • 1 AMP DC USB Adapter Plug: Charge Your Device On the Go
  • Navy Hook and Loop Phone Storage Pocket: Secure Your Essentials
  • Colors May Vary

5 Stars  Complete Cell phone accessory package 
Purchased for family out of curiosity, was blown away at all the accessories!

5 Stars  Lots of useful accessories 
Lots of useful accessories for my cell phone. Worth the price.