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If you find yourself squinting at menus, recipes or prescription bottles, but you don't need full-time reading glasses, this handy little magnifying glass will make your life so much easier.
60% Off

Designer Pocket Magnifier - #7901
   Special when you buy 2! 

Overnight the 3-in-1 toe splint helps correct bunions as it gently aligns the big toe into proper position using a comfortable strap and splint. It also helps relieve bunion pain while you rest.
50% Off

Night Time Bunion Corrector - #7925

The 10 Way Big Spray hose nozzle is the perfect companion for all your watering needs. It features adjustable water flow and 10 different settings: jet, mist, flood, flat, angle, shower, fan, cone, center, and triangle.
60% Off
   Buy 2, Save Money! 

Water Wizards are unique and fascinating works of art that are VERY functional... they water your plants for up to 14 days.
60% Off

This is a fun and quirky fist-sized head stuffed with sawdust with grass seed on the top. When watered the grass will sprout like green hair ontop of your knucklehead.
70% Off

Zupa Growing KnuckleHeads - #8024

Yes you can get a Pound of Pens for just $5! So what is a pound of pens? Well its between 40 to 50 random pens.
84% Off

Pack Of Pens - #7089A
   Buy 2 at a Special Price! 

This handsome-looking alarm clock features Bluetooth capability for streaming your music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. It even includes a built-in microphone for phone calls right from your night stand.
50% Off
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