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Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

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Remove wood furniture and flooring scratches in a wink!

This might be the most amazing surface scratch, water mark and heat stain remover for wood we've ever seen. Using a secret family formula you will marvel how fast and easy the wood imperfections disappear.

So easy and simple to use:
Just open up the can, and remove the stick.
Unwrap the foil wrapper and rub either end on the scratch.
The scratch will disappear Quick As A Wink.
Wipe off excess with absorbent tissue. Can't spill or stain.
The stick has a nice smell but is colorless when rubbed on a scratch.

NOTE: There is no need to peel the label, or cut the stick. The liquid will continue to flow to the end of the stick until it is gone.

- Wipe out furniture scratches "quick-as-a-wink"
- Lasts for many years
- Perfect for furniture, flooring and antiques
- Simple to use
- Make your furniture look new again
- Made in the USA

The History:
Formulated by Leo Reed in 1908 in a small factory in Chicago. Leo set out to find a product that would eliminate surface scratches, water marks, heat stains from all kinds of wood.

Initially it was sold only for industrial use, such as moving companies. Eventually it worked its way into furniture stores, hardware stores, mail order catalogs and other home improvement stores.

It is a family business that has been handed down with the fourth generation now doing the production work.

Each and every Almond Stick is checked by hand to assure that our customers receive nothing less than a perfect product.

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