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Wine Bottle Umbrella
Wine Bottle Umbrella
Wine Bottle Umbrella
Wine Bottle Umbrella
Wine Bottle Umbrella
Wine Bottle Umbrella

Wine Bottle Umbrella

Wine Bottle Umbrella

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Style and function unite in this uniquely designed Wine Bottle Umbrella.

Don't worry... no one will get tipsy from this, but it surely will turn heads! A full sized umbrella housed in a stylish, compact carrying case that appears to be a bottle of wine.

But it is fully functional... when you slid out the top of the bottle it becomes an umbrella. The umbrella features a design that corresponds to the bottle on one of the panels (2 styles to choose from). Return the umbrella to the bottle for secure storage and no drip mess, perfect for traveling and carrying in a purse, bag or vehicle.

- Wine Bottle Carrying Case Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 12 inches
- Umbrella (Open) Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 23.5 inches
- Strap in Handle for Hanging Bottle When Not in Use
- Bottom comes off to allow for drainage and drying
- Available in 2 Styles: Pink/Red, Black/Red
- View or Print Manual

Everyone loves these for many reasons:
1.It actually serves a useful purpose. Everyone needs an umbrella (or two)

2.These unique "wine bottle" umbrellas will actually be appreciated by anyone who is a wine lover... they come in several different wine-bottle designs that are all stylish (guys don't fret, the Graffiti one will work for you)

3. After you use the umbrella you can store it right back inside the case so you don't have water going all over your car, house or office.

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