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Glass Prep and Mixing Bowl 10-Piece Set

Glass Prep and Mixing Bowl 10-Piece Set

Glass Prep and Mixing Bowl 10-Piece Set

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This set is great for so many things. If you cook at all then you'll love using these as a prep bowl set. It's like the ones you see all the chefs on TV using. You can pre chop and measure all your ingredients and put them in the right size bowls. This set has lids so it's actually perfect for getting ahead on the prep work for your meal.

You'll also love how they nest so storage is a breeze. But you're really gong to love these are for any kind of mixing or serving.

No need to worry about left over dips anymore... just serve and store in the same containers. How nice to just use one container! Just snap closed lids keeps the stored food fresh.

The bowls are microwaveable, refrigerator and dishwasher safe and the lids are BPA free. The bowls are designed and sized to stack and nest inside each other for space saving storage.

- 10 Pieces (5 Bowls + 5 Lids)
- Diameter sizes of the bowls are 6.7", 5.5", 4.9", 4" and 3.5"
- Microwaveable, dishwasher and refrigerator safe
- Tempered glass
- Safe from -40 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
- Nesting bowls make it easy to store.
- Perfect for food prepping, storing leftovers, mixing and serving
- Plastic ridged lids snap closed.

Please Note: The bowls should not be taken directly from the freezer and put directly into the oven