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Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit
Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit
Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit
Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit

Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit

Vaku Disk Mounting Wall Kit

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A Breakthrough in Mounting Technology

The VakuDisk wall hook system allows you to hang hooks wherever you might need them.

These hooks work by using powerful suction so there's no mess or surface damage caused by glue or screws.

With unlimited applications each hook can be put anywhere and simply move to a new location. So easy to install, remove and re-use.

VakuDisk uses a highly-engineered elastomer seal that conforms to the mounting surface's texture to maintain the seal. One quick pull on the pump produces a negative 13psi vacuum and will hold up to 3lbs. almost indefinitely.

This set includes 1 VakuDisk suction tools for hook application and 3 hooks.

Use VakuDisk for your bathrooms, office, closets, kitchen, RV's, boats, classrooms, garage, outdoors, gym lockers, holiday decorations and much, much more.

Features & Benefits:
- Set includes 3 VakuDisks and 1 Pump
- Easy to install, remove and re-use
- No glue - No surface damage
- Unlimited applications
- NASA Tested
- Works on almost any non-porous surface
- Uses a highly-engineered elastomer seal
- Holds up to 3lbs. almost indefinitely
- Works great in bathrooms, closets, garages and much more