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Top 5 Products This Week

Top 5 Products This Week

Top 5 Products This Week

Want to know what everyone else is buying? Here are The Top 5 Best Selling Items of the Week. 

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Pesky bugs don't stand a chance in your home with the Ninja Bug Zapper: The Insect Assassin. Simply plug it in to the electrical outlet, and it starts working immediately.
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The Copper Knife (As Seen on TV) never needs sharpening and will stay sharp forever. With its durable hardened stainless steel core, Copper Knife stays sharp, while delivering delicate, paper-thin cuts, and slicing your food prep time in half.
66% Off
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Bond, build, fix, and fill with the Lazer Bond Liquid Plastic System. Simply squeeze out some of the liquid plastic on anything you'd like to "weld" together. Using the included UV LED, cure it in just seconds to create a permanent hardened plastic. It works where glue fails and won't stick to your skin.
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This solar-powered mole and gopher chaser repels unwanted burrowing rodents with the strongest and least expensive power available - the sun. It's solar-powered and maintenance-free!
60% Off
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Here is a great little magnifier and desk lamp that you can use anywhere and everywhere!
68% Off
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