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The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection
The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection
The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection
The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection

The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection

The Vietnam Chronicles - 7 DVD Collection

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Set features 3 in-depth documentary series on Vietnam War
- Vietnam War Stories
- Secrets of War: Vietnam - A War Divided
- Vietnam - America's Conflict

Over 70 Historical Documentaries & Programs of Combat & Controversy!

Be an eyewitness to the struggles, courage and fears of the men who won every battle in a lost and hopeless war. This harrowing and compelling collection traces the evolution of the war that divided our nation and changed the very fabric of society. Each unique and captivating chronicle commits to tell the story of the fascinating heroes that battled through the tangled web of war unwanted. Through insightful and rare archival footage, re-enactments, historical films, interviews with experts, authors and eyewitnesses journey to the roots of the battlefields of the silent soldier that came come to a divided nation.

Vietnam War Stories - 12-Part Documentary Series

Witness the Vietnam War, its roots, it's battles, its heroes and the price paid in the name of freedom. This stunning, detailing collection shows the war with heartbreaking realism. It looks at troubling questions about America's justification for the conflict, the horrors of jungle warfare and the human calamity of the war.

Secrets of War: Vietnam - A War Divided 5 Episodes

Discover the most daring covert operations, ingenious spy gadgets and cunning military deceptions that forever changed the course of history! Narrated by Oscar Award Winner Charlton Heston this series brings to life the hidden and unique conflicts of Vietnam that were once declared classified information. Strong, specific and factual, Secrets of War exposes the real stories of the Vietnam War!

Vietnam - America's Conflict 50 Historical Documentaries

This collection of harrowing and compelling footage traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever-expanding war that ultimately spanned three U.S. Presidents. From strategic political move to the immediacy of jungle warfare and the weapons with which the war was waged, Vietnam: America's Conflict captures the sweep of history and the agony of a generation.

This collection includes Outstanding Color Footage, Eyewitness Interviews and Formerly Classified Information

Features & Benefits:
- Set features 3 in-depth documentary series on Vietnam War (Vietnam War Stories, Secrets of War: Vietnam - A War Divided, and Vietnam - America's Conflict)
- 7 Discs featuring 32 Hours of content
- 70 Historical Documentaries & Programs
- Featuring rare archival footage and photographs
- Produced by award-winning documentarians
- Number of Discs: 7
- Language: English
- Genre: Documentary, War
- Format: DVD
- Run Time: 32 hr 42 min
- Ratings: TV-PG, TV-14, and TV-MA
- Region Code: Region 1
- B&W and Color

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