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The Korean War 60th Anniversary 4-DVD Collection
The Korean War 60th Anniversary 4-DVD Collection

The Korean War 60th Anniversary 4-DVD Collection

The Korean War 60th Anniversary 4-DVD Collection

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After 60 years this game-changing war still resonates today with the U.S. troops presence in South Korea and the nascent nuclear threat from the North. This collection of documentary footage chronicles the roots of the conflict as it blossomed into a protracted war that took a heavy toll in American blood and treasure. The immediacy of combat and major conflicts are brought vividly to life capturing the impact of this war on a generation and an entire region.

- 4 DVD's
- Over 16 Hours of Dramatic Documentaries & Footage
- North Korea Dominates Foreign Policy Headlines
- Contains 60 Years Of Atomic Warfare Threats & History

Disc One: Motion Picture History of the Korean War, Armed Forces Assistance to Korea, Chinese Reds Enter The Korean War, The First Forty Days in Korea, Korean Cease Fire Talks Begin, Ranger Ready, Turning the Tide, Fire Power - Artillery, The Republic of Korea Soldier, Army Transport Corps, United Nations Consolidate Below the 38th Parallel

Disc Two: This is Korea, United Nations Forces Counterstrike, United Nations Line is Stabilized, United Nations Forces Cross the 38th Parallel, United Nations Forces Escape the Chinese Trap, United Nations Forces Push the Chinese Back, Civil Assistance Korea, The Army Chaplains, The Army Combat Team, A Day in Korea, Third Korean Winter

Disc Three: 2nd Infantry in Korea, 7th Infantry in Korea, The United Nations Offensive, The United Nations Offensive Continues, Army Medical Corps, The Reds Launch Their Spring Offensive, Atrocities in Korea, Korean Wind-Up, Rebirth of Seoul, Truth is Our Defense

Bonus Disc: Iron Angel (1964 Feature Film) Starring Jim Davis, Don "Red" Barry, Margo Woode, PLUS 4 additional classic war films!
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