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Fire Hose Style Nozzle

Fire Hose Style Nozzle

Fire Hose Style Nozzle

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Turn Your Ordinary Garden Hose Into A Power Washer!

It's true... you can utilize the power of a fire hose for your home cleaning projects just by hooking up this Fireman's Hose Nozzle to your ordinary garden hose.

The amazingly powerful jet stream that can shoot water for several feet, perfect for those tough cleaning tasks.

The three spray settings allow you to choose anything from the super-strong Jet Stream to a gentle spray that's ideal for watering plants.

- 3 Spray Settings (Just Twist)
- Heavy-duty design is built fireman tough
- Rubberized housing won't break or rust
- Comfortable Design for Greater Design and Secure Hold
- Ideal for use on patios, watering plants and grass, washing the car and more