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Sofa Hanging Bag
Sofa Hanging Bag
Sofa Hanging Bag
Sofa Hanging Bag
Sofa Hanging Bag
Sofa Hanging Bag

Sofa Hanging Bag

Sofa Hanging Bag

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You'll never have to ask, "Where is the remote?" again with the Sofa Hanging Bag. It's the genius of simplicity. The Sofa Hanging Bag is an organizer with a flap that you slip under your sofa cushion, so you can keep all of your needful paraphernalia in one convenient place.

It has 6 pockets; 1 big enough for magazines, or maybe a laptop, 1 for books or bulkier items, and 1 pocket conveniently designed with a slit to accommodate a tissue box, if you want to use it for that. Other smaller pockets can hold remotes, your mobile, eye glasses, or whatever else you like to keep at your fingertips.

Great for beds too

Tuck the "Sofa" Bag under your mattress and now you have a place to keep your reading material, your tablet or mobile, and that all important box of tissues. College students with limited space in dorm rooms will find this type of bed "caddy" indispensable. And kids in bunk beds will love it too.

Features & Benefits:
- 6 pockets
- Keep all your important items at your fingertips
- Ideal for your sofa or bed
- Tab securely fits between sofa cushion or under mattress
- Dimensions: 12.6" x 9.8" x 5.5" deep

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