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OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace
OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace
OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace
OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace

OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace

OptiSpex Magnifier Necklace

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If you have ever said, "Where did I put my reading glasses" this item is for you!

Clever and unique, it is both a stylish necklace and a set of magnifying lenses.

It couldn't be easier to use. Whenever you need them, just lift the cute, lightweight magnifying glasses up to your eyes to enlarge what you need to two times the size.

Ideal for using in restaurants; while shopping and checking price tags; reading that recipe while cooking; supermarket packaging, coupons, medication labels, text messages and more.

A contemporary style, that are great when you don't want to carry around a pair of glasses or that bulky glass case.

This brilliant idea will garner you a ton of compliments from friends and the inevitable question "Where did you get those?"

The convenient 30" cord with breakaway magnetic clasp makes them wonderfully wearable.

- 2x Magnification
- 30" necklace style design
- Cord has a breakaway magnetic clasp for safety
- Polycarbonate frames with acrylic lenses
- Frames measures 4 1/8" x 1 1/4"
- 1 1/4" wide lenses
- Choose from Black or Tortoise Shell