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Find cute, fun, silly, and nifty items that you didn't know you needed. These also make for great gifts! 

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Here's an assortment of alkaline batteries that will fill your every need.
85% Off

Only $5.00 for a 3 x 5 ft. (standard size) USA flags. Made of weather resistant, polyester to prevent mildew and attach to any standard flag pole. Show your spirit, resolve and support and fly your U.S. flag today! (Pole not included.)
75% Off

The laser pointer is a great gift for any pet owner, a lecturer or as a fascinating novelty item
66% Off
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Power Beam Laser Pointer - #1206

Pop Up Towels are compacted towels in various sizes that are compressed so small they are easy to pack and store just about anywhere.
79% Off
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   Special when you buy 2! 

Direct from the manufacturer (CR Gibson) comes an opportunity buy on a unique and handsome 160 page (refillable), soft leatherette journal.

What makes this so unique is the spine has a slot that you can clip your pen onto. What's even better is the Journal is loaded with pockets, inside and out!
60% Off

This fun notebook is thin, stylish, sleek, and absolutely wonderful to use. But you don't get just one, you get a box of FOUR Notebooks. You get two pink and two black, with each notebook saying "little black book" or "little pink book"
60% Off

Jotter Journals 4-Pack - #7917A