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My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane
My Get Up and Go Cane

My Get Up and Go Cane

My Get Up and Go Cane

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The As Seen on TV My Get Up & Go Cane does so much more than traditional canes. Whether you suffer from an injury or old age is catching up with you, this will be your new best friend.

In addition to helping you stay on your feet, The My Get Up & Go Cane helps you sit down and stand up! It does this by adding a secondary, pivoting handle that allows you to use both hands to support your weight. It's is great for using around the house or while you are out and about. Getting up from restaurant booths, car seats or toilets has never been easier.

This cane collapses down for easy storage and portability and includes an LED flashlight built-into the top handle.

Give yourself a little extra help and peace of mind when you're by yourself with the Get Up & Go Cane!

Features & Benefits:
- Secondary Pivoting Handle Helps You Get Up and Sit Down
- Collapsible for Easy Storage and Portability
- Adjustable Height: 33 in. to 36 in.
- Self-Standing, 4 Prong Base
- LED Light Built-Into Top Handle
- Cushioned Handles
- Gives You Peace of Mind When Alone
- Not Intended for Individuals Over 250 Lbs