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Media Saver and Converter
Media Saver and Converter
Media Saver and Converter
Media Saver and Converter
Media Saver and Converter

Media Saver and Converter

Media Saver and Converter

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Convert Your Precious Movies & Music To CD, DVD or Digital

We've sold this for a long time, but it just got upgraded... it now WORKS WITH WINDOWS 10! If you have recently dusted off the old VHS tapes from your attic or basement and realized the quality is starting to suffer - it's for good reason.

Not many people realize that this technology has a limited lifespan of 15-20 years. Let's not forget how hard humidity is on all our favorite electronics. The only way to save your home movies from disintegrating into time is to convert them to either DVDs or creating digital files of them that WILL last forever. The Media Saver Music and Video Life Extender is here for just that!

Simply plug the device into any camcorder, record player, television, or just about anything and use the included software to turn it into a digital file to keep forever and ever.

- Convert Your old VHS tapes, Home Movies, DVDs and TV Shows to Digital Files
- Analog RCA/S-Video Cables to USB Plug & Play Interface
- Real Time Audio/Video Encoding
- Works with TVs, VCRs, DVD players, Audio Sources, Camcorders and More
- Input: Composite RCA Cables or S-Video
- Back Up Movies and Shows to your Hard Drive for Preservation of Files

System Requirements:
- Pentium-IV 1.6GHz or Higher (Recommended)
- 1024 MB RAM of System Memory or Higher
- One Available USB Port
- Graphics Card (Must Support Direct X 9.0c)
- Sound Card (AC97 Compatible Sound Card)
- 1GB Free Space on Hard Drive
- Note: Windows XP/Vista/7, 8, 10 (not Mac compatible)