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Magic Gutter Bags
Magic Gutter Bags
Magic Gutter Bags
Magic Gutter Bags

Magic Gutter Bags

Magic Gutter Bags

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Why balance at the top of a ladder and scrape your gutters clean by hand, when you can clean them by Magic? Magic-Gutter is the no-mess, no-risk, no-effort solution to cleaning your gutters.

They look a little bit like tea bags, but Magic-Gutter contains a concentrated formula of ecological agents designed to dissolve leaves, clogs, mud and moss quickly.

Simply throw a Magic-Gutter bag onto the roof or in the gutter. The formula in the bags is activated when it rains and results appear in just a few days. Works perfectly with all types of gutters and all rainwater recovery systems.

Use 2 bags for every 30 feet of gutters. Repeat the operation 1 or 2 times per year at the beginning of spring and adapt according with your roof size, exposure and environment.

- The no-mess solution for clogged gutters.
- Dissolves leaves, clogs, mug and moss.
- No ladders, no specialty equipment.
- Use only twice a year.
- Activated by water.
- Safe for all types of gutters.
- Each package contains 4 Magic-Gutter bags.

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