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Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps
Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps

Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps

Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps

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No More Aching Feet!

Great for soothing pain and cooling feet down in hot weather, when you use the Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps it's like having your own personal foot massager.

You get one pair of foot wraps, each filled with natural buckwheat, that when microwaved you can assuage foot pain and promote circulation. Or put them in the freezer and use cold therapy on injuries likes bruises and sprains.

Heating Instructions: Lay the HOT/COLD FOOT WRAP on a towel and place into your microwave. Heat for 30 seconds and remove from the microwave. Check the warmth of the wrap before use. NOTE: that microwave times will vary depending on brand and wattage.

Cooling Instructions: Lay the HOT/COLD FOOT WRAP into a plastic bag and place into your freezer for a minimum of 1 hour. Once the pad is no longer cool, repeat previous steps.

Once heated or cooled, simply unfasten both adjustable VELCRO® closure straps. With the wrap fully opened place your heel against the closed end. Wrap the foot wrap over the top part of your foot and secure it using the VELCRO® strap.

After use, let the wraps completely cool in a sink, bathtub, or other hard, non-flammable surface. Do not leave the wrap on bedding, countertops or other flammable places. When completely cool store in a cool, dry place.

One size fits most. Not recommended for children or for use on disabled persons. Always check the temperature of the wrap to ensure that the heat or coldness is okay before placing directly on the skin.

Features & Benefits:
- 1 Pair of Hot/Cold Therapeutic Foot Wraps
- Filled with natural buckwheat
- Fastened with a VELCRO® closure
- Can be worn while relaxing or sleeping
- Provides heat therapy or cold therapy
- Microwave for warmth to assuage foot pain and promote circulation
- Place in freezer for sprain and bruise cold therapy
- One size fits most