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Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf
Chilly Scarf

Chilly Scarf

Chilly Scarf

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The popularity of The Chilly Towel spawned this All-New Chilly Scarf!

Just like the Towel, this is scientifically designed to keep you cool on even the hottest days! The secret is in the super-absorbent shammy-like weave and hyper-evaporating material that cools off as the scarf naturally dries.

The Chilly Scarf is great to wear around your neck or as a bandana around your head... any one who spends anytime outside in the heat love the versatility of the Chilly Scarf. At 48" long you can do so much with it.

To use, simply soak or wet the towel with any temperature water, wring it dry and shake it! As it evaporates, the towel drops in temperature, getting downright cold! It can be reused over and over again; just re-wet to start the process. Cooling time lasts for a few hours, so it's better than using a wet rag, towel, or bandana - AND it's dry to the touch!

It comes in a specially made zip-lock plastic bag that keeps your Chilly Scarf moist and cool when you need it. To clean, hand wash it with a little soap and water or throw in the machine (let it air-dry).

- 48" long x 4" wide
- Super-Absorbent Material Stays Dry
- Hyper-Evaporative Properties Make It Cool
- Just Soak, Wring, Shake
- Reusable and Washable (Let it Air-Dry)
- Non-Toxic
- Resealable Bag For Later Use

The Chilly Scarf is chemical-free, but prolonged skin-contact may cause slight skin irritation. Take a break every hour, or stop use if you notice any discomfort.