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Big Boss Multi Blender System
Big Boss Multi Blender System
Big Boss Multi Blender System
Big Boss Multi Blender System

Big Boss Multi Blender System

Big Boss Multi Blender System

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The Big Boss Multi Blender System is so versatile and convenient to use, it just might become the most useful item in your entire kitchen.

The 4-piece system includes a 300 Watt Power Unit Base, a multi-purpose blade, a large 18-oz cup, and a "comfort ring" which allows you to drink and pour from the cup. Use the Big Boss to chop vegetables, blend smoothies, grate cheese, grind coffee, mix soups, batters, cocktails and so much more.

To use: place your ingredients into the cup, twist the blade onto the TOP of the cup, and then invert the cup to seat the blade into the power base. Activate simply by pressing down. The Big Boss will blend as long as you continue to press. Press down for only a second or two for a coarse chop, perfect for salsas or coarsely chopped vegetables, or continue to hold down for a fine puree.

Cook Right In The Cup

You can place the cup with ingredients into the microwave to cook. Make soups, pasta sauces, melted cheeses and more. You can chop and then cook all in the same cup, eliminating extra dishes, pots and pans. What could be easier than that? Caution: Always remember to remove the blade from the cup before microwaving.

The ease and convenience of chopping, blending and mixing, all in one cup you can pop in the microwave and then serve from, makes this the ideal processor for everything and anything from hot soup to milkshakes.

Features & Benefits:
- Multi-purpose blender for quick food preparation
- Chops, blends, mixes, grates, whips, grinds and more
- Powerful 300 watt motor
- Multi-Purpose Blade
- 18 oz. cup
- Comfort ring for cup
- Chop, cook and store, all in the same cup
- Cup is dishwasher and microwave safe
- 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty included
- Stylish Colors: Red, Purple & Green (no color choice available)

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