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Back Stretcher
Back Stretcher
Back Stretcher

Back Stretcher

Back Stretcher

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This item only ships to the U.S. and Canada.

If you've ever uttered these words, take note of this amazing Back Stretcher that uses natural traction to reverse the effects of spinal compression and pinched nerves, by simply relaxing or stretching your achy back.

Stretch your back and increase flexibility using this gently curved arch to help naturally relieve pain caused by excessive bending, muscle spasms and spinal compression.

Simply lie on the arch on a firm surface for a few minutes per day. Comfortable foam padding on sturdy wood frame with channel area to take pressure off the spine. If you have serious back pain, consult your physician before use. 16" x 10 .25".

- Relieve vertebrae and disk compression
- Increase blood flow to the brain
- Relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck and lower back
- Use while sitting to improve posture
- Increase flexibility and range of motion
- Ultra comfortable spinal cradle
- Portable

This item only ships to the U.S. and Canada.
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