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Accelerate Activity Tracker
Accelerate Activity Tracker
Accelerate Activity Tracker
Accelerate Activity Tracker
Accelerate Activity Tracker
Accelerate Activity Tracker

Accelerate Activity Tracker

Accelerate Activity Tracker

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Activity trackers are all the rage. The problem is they are very expensive and sometimes it feels like you need an engineering degree to understand the display screens and app!

We've found a very easy and affordable one. What we love about this... it's also a watch!

Besides being very easy to use, it has a large digital display for easy reading and has an app that you can use or not use.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your physical activity, or simply improve your overall health, this Activity Tracker from Accelerate can help.

With this Activity Tracker, you can digitally track steps, calories burned AND it's a full functioning digital watch.

You'll find Apps compatible with Apple and Android phones or tablets. It is ideal for staying fit, whether at home, work, exercising and more. Download the APP for your device to log all of your progress and data anywhere you go. Set personal goals each day, week or month with precise activity reports and graphs.

It's everything you need to get back in that fitness routine!

Don't want to wear it around your wrist? Just take it out of the band and slip it in your pocket and it's still tracks!

Best of all there's no cords to use to charge it. It runs on a good old fashioned watch battery that will last a long, long time and it's easy to replace when you need to.

Set your progress, goals and other activities via the app.

- Length: 9.9 inches(with the adjustable band)
- Width: 1 inch (with the adjustable band)
- Monitor Your Daily Activities and Goals
- Helps To Motivate Yourself To Reach Health And Fitness Goals
- Monitor And Record Steps, Calories Burned, And Distance Travel
- Digital Display Switches Between Time, Steps, Distance, And Calories Burned
- Sweat Proof Latex Free Silicon Wristband
- Use in the band or the tracker and place in your pocket.
- Download an APP Store And Google Play For Both Android And iPhone
- Large Display for Easy Reading
- Available in Blue or Black